Summer Reign Beautiful Nights

After Midnight

Full moon during the summer in Canada splash photography

Wednesday moves through the night, into a new day that is now Thursday morning. The weekend is almost here again. Tomorrow will be Friday and the weekend will be here once again. Time doesn’t stop, it continues on, each day into the next. The week goes through seven days as the moon goes through phases.

If you work during the week, you probably look forward to weekends. Getting to stay up late and sleep in the next morning. It’s a time to relax and take time off, to just enjoy each and every moment. Given it is the summer as well, I’m sure most of you enjoy getting outside to sit around fires with family and friends, or maybe you enjoy going to the lake for a swim. Either way it’s a time to rekindle each other and enjoy the moments, while we still have them. Times are not quite like they use to be and lately, it seems no one is certain anymore. Everyone us unsure about what’s going on with our world?

Full moon phase during a warm summers night splash photography
Full Moon Summer 2021

August Memories

August is a great time of year isn’t it? It’s warm, the birds are singing and the sun shines extra bright it seems. Everything about the glory of the summer is all wrapped up in August. As the moon sits in Leo, we enjoy the warm beautiful nights. It’s been a warm summer and seeing the sun daily is always a bliss in my opinion. There’s nothing better than waking up to the sun shining in through the windows, lighting up the walls and filling the empty space with light.

Whether it’s late night fires, get together with family and enjoy the warm nights outside. Winter isn’t far off but we can enjoy the magnificent weather or try to anyway, while we still can. It doesn’t last long, that’s for sure. So enjoy the moments with family and friends. Time goes fast and life is short. Be grateful of the things you have in life and the one’s who you are thankful for.

Let’s not forget the trees are greener during the summer and the flowers develop, showing their beautiful elegance, for anyone who’s interested. I find flowers make the summer extra beautiful and seeing their presence is one I tend to enjoy. It’s moments like this that make life worth living; enjoying the day and everything it holds.

Never take it for granted and expect to see the next moment during the next year. Take it in as if it’s the last, since their is a certain elegance to it all. The summer is here to enjoy so take it all in and enjoy it’s beautiful moments while you can. It is all part of the world experience and we all have the opportunity to live.

Pink rose during the summer blossom cartoon edited by Dr Digital Philosophy

The beautiful imagery during the summer is one I’ve come to take advantage of and adore. It’s magnificent, glorious days are spectacular to those who reign in her essence. Take advantage now for it won’t be long before summer is over and winter is just around the corner. So go for a swim or take a hike in over the hills and enjoy the scenery.

As I said before and I’ll say it again, I enjoy the nights and it’s quiet finesse of Moonlight, shinging through a dark night with simplicity. The sound of crickets in the distance, as the toads and sounds of the ocean and lakes, make their calls. Such soothing sounds during the after hours of the day and into the night. A gentle breeze blows softly through the trees, rattling it’s leaves and branches during the night.

I almost forgot to write tonight, since I’ve been so busy with other things at the moment. The thought slips my mind but due to the fact that I enjoy blogging, I try to write daily and frequently. This ensures dedication to the activity and ensures optimum performance during the time of writing. Taking that small amount of time during the day to write an article is a ritual now and I love every minute of it!

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