Morning Rituals & Time

How Do You Like Your Day?

Cup Of Coffee Morning smile face splash photography

Good Morning

I like to get up in the morning and start the day by reading. I read all kinds of stuff, from blogs to news articles and even some self advice articles. It all helps me start my day right, by reading something to get the brain ready for the day to come. I enjoy fiction but lately I’ve been reading more non-fiction. Due to my current lifestyle and business, I find reading non-fiction important and interesting.

Not everyone enjoys reading these days and some rather start off the day by going for a walk or getting out of bed and having a coffee. Everyone has their own ritual they go through each morning. To get the day started we each practice some way of getting ready for it all. Getting ready for the day in some way, trying to wake up and embrace it. We strive to start each day off the best we can. Trying to start off what we want to be the perfect day.

Birds in the tree by Dr Digital Philosophy
Birds In A Tree

The birds like to sing during the morning, starting their day with a song. Singing a tune to start their day and attracting a mate. I love the sound of the birds singing during the morning. It’s such a beautiful tune to hear every morning and I tend to enjoy it during my morning ritual. I found some birds in a tree this morning and decided to take a picture. Although, I don’t get to see the birds or hear them every morning, they are usually always near during most days of the week. I find Blue Jay’s to be a beautiful bird and sight to see.

Night sky original photograph by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Original Photography 2021

Where Does The Day Go

It seems though, by getting ready and running around each morning only allows us to get ready for a day that’s almost over. It seems as though, as soon as we get ready for the day and put everything in order; the day is already over. We look outside and it’s dark already. With the end of the year drawing closer, the evening’s tend to get dark earlier now.

Where does time take off to and what causes it to go so fast? Does it go by entropy? Where it takes on momentum, transgressions going faster and faster, as time goes by? It makes me wonder some mornings; or maybe I’m reading too much…

Reading a Book with face hidden away splash photography

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