The Sun And Lunar Tale

Brighter Days, Sunny Ways

Cartoon forest edited while images of the sky and trees are seen by Dr Digital Philosophy
The Green Forest Images Of New

Some days seem better than others, but it doesn’t have to be that way!”

The Sun Is Bright Today

I love the feeling of waking up first thing in the morning and seeing the sun shine through the window. Creeping into my eyes by just a small amount, it doesn’t take much light to from the sun to blind someone first thing in the morning. Either way, when I see the sun first thing in the morning, I feel happy and excited. The light warms me somehow.

Waking up during the first few seconds of the day, stretching and yawning as you open your eyes. A new day with so many opportunities available to us and sometimes we take it for granted. We sleep in throughout the morning, missing the most precious part of the day.

Poem For The Day

"Ray's glory, ever shine;
Raining down, through twisted vine;"

"Edges blade, glisten and glory;
Twist and learn, the sun and it's story"

"At first, the heat and solar flared;
Causing a burst, of lunar glare"

"Then forever, the Alpha ruled;
The Omega would always, glue the moon"

Aren’t poems great? Songs are almost like poems since they tell a story but through rhyme and rhythm. Poems I find can twist, scurry and manifest words into beautiful literature and arts.

I won’t lie; I do not know many poets besides Robert Frosts! I read very little poetry but I always enjoying writing and twisting the words. The rhyming of the words, the swally in all of it.

Image of unknown photo during 2022 90°N North Pole
North Pole 90 degrees

During this day, I see so much hope and glory for the future. Diving deeper into a new days and experiencing all aspects of life. Always take on the day, keeping in mind that anything is possible and what the day holds is unknown. Only you can make it what it is.

Cloudy sky overcast the night after daylight slips away slowly by Dr Digital Philosophy
Night Sky

Recently, I’ve enjoyed shopping on Amazon for it’s low cost candies. The last time I ordered from Amazon, I received two bags. I ordered one bag but got two bags for the price of one! Isn’t that magnificent?

The day has so much to offer and only you can make the best of what it can be! Go out and enjoy the sun or dance in the rain. Even if it’s foggy; there’s a time for celebration and making a new day what it is; the best one it can be.

With so many ways to save today we also have the benefit of online shops like Amazon for shipping quickly and getting what you need for a low price! Try out Amazon today and save loads on your order (More than just the first one).

Magic Light explosion during casting of the energy and power grounded
Original Edit Photography 2021

Updated October 2021: During new endeavors and reading all kinds of material that helps me understand new topics, new knowledge available and a new concept of subjects already studied. During my time away from Dr. Digital Philosophy and Coastal Agency, I’ve had time to think and reconsider topics and events, not understood previously.

I will say one thing, with exercise and mediation; a lot of positive things have manifested in my everyday lifestyle and it’s routine. (Not always too routine of course but I practice certain aspects such as exercise, meditation, etc.) Eating well is also a great way to improve your overall health. Making you feel good as well by eating more fruits and vegetables. I enjoy salads and my favorite is Ceasar Salad since it has cheese and the dressing is magnificent.

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