Northern Ice 90°

90°Magic Water

90° Magic Water available for sale
90°Magic Water

First off let me say that “Water is an important part of everyone’s day and should be digested by at least 8L a day”

–Dr. Digital Philosophy

Available Here Now

Today, I would like to introduce a new product I will be featuring on my website for those of you interested in unique items? I am launching for the first time ever, 90°Magic Water, that is available for purchase at $59.99 and can be purchased with PayPal or credit card. We accept any type of Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Capital One Payments.

I can still remember when I first traveled to the North Pole and saw the magical scenery. It was a beautiful sight to behold and one I am proud to say I made. During that time, I was able to collect some of the water at 90° North. The water at the very top of the earth holds magical properties and for a limited time I am asking for support through my daily blog, by selling a product that is unique, limited and available for those who enjoy unique, antique items.

Northern Lights during a cold dark nightin the Artic
Northern Lights

Magic and Mystery

During my time in the North I got to see many different types of wildlife. The exotic animals all around us during our sailing on the voyage northward. The icebergs were everywhere and during the time there I saw the most glamorous Northern Lights, gleaming every so bright over the ocean.

When I first sailed North, it was daylight all around the clock and I would of paid to see darkness then. But when the darkness came on, the sights it held were magnificent and spectacular during the right time and in the right setting.

Dr. Digital Philosophy authentic North Pole 90°N
Here I am at 90°North (North Pole)

Polar bear crossing the ice
Beware of Polar Bear 2013

Magic Essence

So during this time I am currently taking on a project that allows me to blog, write and posts all sorts of articles online. I try to stay informative as well, I try to he entertaining. During this new Digital Approach, I ask those of you willing to help out with my endeavors, to purchase a 90°Magic Water.

Available for a limited time only since we only have a few. I am currently selling these few items to help my company grow. Allowing me, to promote more material through blogging, adding more content by video web series and producing original content online. Uploading pictures, videos and more articles about current events. We hope for your support as we are currently facing hard times. Thank you for your appreciation.

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