Is There Anybody Out There Tonight?

So Much To Say Right Now
Author and Published by: Skinner J. Tyler

Spalsh photography of people having a coffee together while outside
Two having coffee

Opportunity Is Everywhere

I always think of so many articles and topics I can write about. I blog to whoever out there is interested in what I have to write. Who would be interested in my words or insight? Is there anybody out there? Are there people actually taking note of my new articles and updates? Is there anyone at all? Can anyone hear me?

Original Dr. Digital Philosophy Logo of Dr. Digital by Skinner J. Tyler
Dr. Digital Philosophy

Is Anyone Around

Do you remember the song? “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd? It was such a magnificent and magical song. I learned to play the song and have enjoyed it’s tune every since I first saw “Pink Floyd: The Wall” and couldn’t really understand what was happening throughout the movie. I was expecting a Hollywood type of movie based on the band themselves. Probably detailing their lives and how they became Pink Floyd. Something simple like that but this wasn’t the case at all.

Nope!” It wasn’t like that at all. To be honest, I sat with my Mother and watched the whole thing waiting for it to start, not realizing it was the actual “Pink Floyd: The Wall”, except in video. I was completely lost and didn’t quite understand what was happening. It was completely new to me, completely unknown and obscured at all angles. A twisted plot that gripped me at every moment.

I wonder sometimes if there’s anyone out there who is enjoying the beautiful view of everyday life. Trying to put together what exactly it all means or why we are here to begin with?

Taking in the scenery rather than the mobile phone can always be a blessing these days. Listening to songs being sung by the guy down the road and not the star on TV is always magical when hearing the raw sound of emotions and rhythm; playing away through the beginning of a beautiful day. One wrapped up in twilight and mystery. It’s all a part of it and music is art like a painting or sculpture. The instruments tend to create a work that speaks to the soul.

Edited night sky with stars and moon by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Original Photography Edited 2021

I find people these days have more to offer since we have massive online resources and connections to each other. I remember being younger and listening to my family conjure up a tune on the guitars and accordions, almost out of no where. It was magical, beautiful and nostalgia flowing through the glorious time that it was. Music was always a major factor in my family. Arts was a great way to focus on having a hobby or keeping busy with something of interest. It’s important in everyday life, since there isn’t always something to do; a hobbie can keep you occupied and fulfilled for years to come.

My Grandmother would bake bread and the smell would go through the house as the sound of the music took you away. It was remote, yet so bliss. The memory of such a time seemed so simple and blissful since I was only a kid during those times. I loved spending time at my Grandparents house since they only lived across the road from us. I was close with my Grandparents and over the years spent a lot of my childhood, staying at their house.

I miss them, I must admit. They are no longer with us and passed away years ago bit their memory is still strong. They live on through their three sons who they left behind and taught many lessons over the years that I’m still learning today.

Life is quite like that though isn’t it? We are always learning something new everyday, no matter how old we are.

It Was The Moment

During those times, I had no idea what I was experiencing. I always took music and playing music for granted I guess. The sounds was always around me and even today I hear my father play as the day goes on. Its spectacular to hear someone playing and singing. The talent he has is unbelievable and with a tiny bit of practice, he is magnificent when playing guitar and singing songs.

I am very fortunate to have oive entertainment daily and entertainment that is easy to listen to. The songs are great and my Dad has been playing all his life but over the years, he has gotten rusty. My Dad was always a working man and provided for my Mom, my Sister and me. Guitar was always at the top of the list. For me it was a way to escape the boring everyday life.

Dark night while moon is in the sky during the summer 2021 by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Night Sky Sunday


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