The Wreckhouse Winds

Part 2- Catastrophe Ahead

Moonlight Shines through this daor night during fictional images edited
Wreckhouse Winds
A Cold, Windy Night

It was a cold, windy night as me and my girlfriend drove down the highway, following a transport truck through the area on the South West Coast of Newfoundland; called the Wreckhouse. The area sometimes had wind up to 200 km/h, which could cause accidents. There have been many accidents along the area and I’ve seen many vehicles off the road in that area.

The truck in front of us was tipping to it’s side, with the gust of each powerful blow of the wind ever harder it seemed. As we moved forward down the highway, we prayed the driver would make it through this dangerous area. Praying so hard, hoping he would be okay and make it past the area. If he could make it through the Wreckhouse area, he would be safe and out of danger. We prayed so hard that night, fearing for the man’s life or woman’s.

I was driving a SUV and the chances of me blowing off the road was slim but possible, so I took my time. Along with the truck in front of us swaying from side to side, it got my attention and I felt as though I shouldn’t pass. I didn’t want to put myself in danger so I stayed far enough behind but kept the transport truck in sight, praying still and hoping he would make it.

“Please God”, we said, “See this man through to safety”.

Storm on the horizon. Dark highway leading straightforward
The Wreckhouse Winds Part 2

Before long we came close to the turn where the wind usually died off. “He’s going to make it!” said my girlfriend, “He’s gonna make it to safety!”

I looked onward thinking the same thing, we are almost there and he’s past the worst of it. The worst part was sure to be over. We smiled to each other and watched as the truck was almost past the Wreckhouse area and closer to the ferry terminal. Thank goodness I thought to myself, their in the clearing and through the worst of it.

The boat wouldn’t be leaving with all this wind but he would be somewhere a lot more safer than on the highway. He could rest and catch so sleep during the night, until the ferry left to sail across the Gulf. He would be safe I thought to myself. In a warm safe place and off this highway where the wind was blowing up to 185km/h. Please God I said one last time, knowing he was going to make it through; I could almost feel it!

Wheel of fortune card from the rider waite tarot deck
Wheel Of Fortune

Suddenly, a gust of wind blowing the hardest that night it seemed, lifted the truck off the road and blew it into the ditch. It happened so fast as if a wizard lifted the truck with magic and threw it to the side of the road. I was shocked at what I saw, as I’ve never experienced or seen such a sight before. (Although I’ve seen the aftermath many times, I’ve never seen it actually happen) We were devastated and couldn’t believe what we saw. I was shaking at this point and weak at the same time.

“I have to pull over,” I said to my girlfriend, “I can’t drive past them without helping them.”

“I understand baby,” said my girlfriend,”I didn’t think you would.”

I quickly pulled over, and ran down towards the overturned truck. Me and my girlfriend running as fast as we could. It all seemed like a bad nightmare, my heart beating faster as we got closer to the overturned transport truck. Was everything alright I wondered? Was he okay? What were we about to walk up on? A man or woman could be hurt or worst; dead!

A chill went down my spine thinking of such a sight and all it’s horrors. Either way, I had to assist the situation. I could not drive by without a care in the world. Who would even do such a thing?

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As we turned around the front of the truck, where the front windshield would be; a man was standing there puzzled with a cloth on his head. He looked up towards me but confused it seemed.

“Are you okay?”, I asked him.

Looking at me confused and unable to understand, I asked him again but in French this time. (Due to Canada being a English and French Country, I knew a tiny bit of French).

“Un parles francais?”, I asked him.

He looked at me and my girlfriend, so confused as to who we were and what was going on. I explained to him that he blew off the road and was in a windy area.

He then told me he was from Greece and drove in Canada for work. Either way, I ensured him i would call 911 for help and get him on his way. I asked him again if he was okay and left my girlfriend to assist in anyway possible while I went to the vehicle and dialed 911.

White rose bush during summer months
White Rose Flowers

That night I saw how dangerous it can be if you don’t pay attention and how helping someone out could save someone’s life. His girlfriend was in the back with him that night and it was lucky they both came out of it alive. But sometimes if your not careful, things can get pretty scary really fast.

The police arrived within a few minutes and helped this couple without any trouble. Me and my girlfriend was happy to help. They were frightened and scared during the whole accident. Blowing off the highway in a transport truck who shake any man im sure.

Although, I noticed that night that no matter how many accidents or incidents I come up on; it gets harder every time. You never know what to expect really and hoping for the best doesn’t always work. I’ve worded with search and rescue, knowing full well all the benefits of rescue but also realizing at times; there’s nothing you could do. In this situation though, I knew I could assist in some way.

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