The Wreckhouse Winds

As we drove down the highway, it was strange how the night seemed so silent, so off…
Moonlight shines during a dark night edited
Wreckhouse Winds

The Night Was Still

It was a cold winter’s night, as me and my girlfriend drove back towards town, heading west at about 100 km/hr down a old highway not far from the Codroy Valley. It was late before we got on the road and was heading home during that night. My girlfriend was talking to me about some worries she was having with a friend of hers and it was bothering her.

Apparently, someone was making up things and telling her, just so they could ruin her relationship. As always I agreed with my girlfriend that the world was full of mean and bitter people who do nothing but ruin other peoples lives. Anyway, as we continue to drive I mentioned that the wind really picked up throughout the night.

Continuing down the road, we end up behind a transport truck. The driver was driving very chaotic like and had me very confused due to the fact he was driving right in the middle of the road. Which when it comes to strange things like that being noticed, its usually a reason for the person to be doing something out of the ordinary. Either to get my attention or maybe something was wrong. We followed not far behind, keeping a eye on the transport truck making sure we were safe and a distance behind it.

Amazon forest image of trees and sky
Blue Sky

I quickly mentioned to my girlfriend how odd it was for the driver of a transport truck to be driving so recklessly. I couldn’t believe it, what the hell was this guy doing? And how did he ever get his Truckers License I thought?

Suddenly my girlfriend let out a scream as she started to notice how reckless this guy was driving. I immediately assured her we would be okay as long as we stayed back a distance and took our time. Driving ever so slowly, thoughts raced through my head and why this man was driving so oddly?

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Since the start of this Blogancy, I have written about many things. Photographed some interesting scenery and some neat original material as well, from Dr. Digital Philosophy. This is all just speculation of course, as the chances of starting up a company would be slim to none.

As I drive drove down the highway, I could feel the wind picking up. That’s when I realized why the truck was driving so recklessly; we were in the wreck house of Newfoundland. This is the spot where the wind reaches highs of 200 km/hour gale of wind that could be very dangerous. Ripping through the area with it’s mighty gusts of wind raging ever so violently.

Traffic lights during a dark, rainy night
Car Drives Through A Dark, Foggy Night

The truck in front of us began tipping to it’s side as the wind blew fierce. Me and my girlfriend hoped the driver was okay and we prayed so much that night, hopefully the driver of the transport truck would make it past the wreck house, maybe he would get through this. I was hopeful he was going to make it. We continued to pray, “Please God, let him make it through this hell”.

Beautiful image of sea rolling, the sky is blue and the sun is shining
Water Meets The Shoreline

As we followed slowly and far behind the truck, the feeling of the wind blowing ever harder. We were only going about 50km/h now, ever so slowly and keeping a eye on the truck. The cab of the truck started to tip, due to the wind blowing against the side.

“Did you see that?”, asked my girlfriend, “He almost blew off the road for God’s sakes!”

I was praying saying, “Please God,” I said over and over, “Please allow this truck to pull through this horrible Wreck house and make it to Port Aux Basques.”

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Digital Philosophy

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