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Only Yesterday I learned to crawl and it wasn’t so long ago…

It’s been a while now since I’ve crawled and given I barely drink alcohol these days, I haven’t had to crawl for quite some time now is seems. I’m being funny of course, since I am currently able to walk on bot legs. Unfortunately though, noteveryone has that luxury. It’s one we tend to take for granted often. We all go through a process that is a state of learning and developing new ways of moving forward. We start by crawling and then learn to walk later in life. It’s all part of the developing technique which allows us to move from place to place. This is how we evolved over a short time in our lives. By learning to walk, we also learn to progress.

So given it’s a new day and a new beginning for some people, well; all of us really. Everyday is new to us in some retrospect, allowing us to take on each day without knowing what comes next. Everyday is a new start and a new chance to make the best of each day by embracing it like it’s your last. I’ve been trying to make the most of my days and one way I do that is by blogging online, mediation and by helping those around me. I write several entries each day, as if I was keeping a journal or keeping a notebook of entries that contain key words to a story, article or even a poem. It all holds scared knowledge about a mystical man. One who has failed life many times, only to get up and move on again. A man who thought he knew it all but then found out real quick, how little he really knew. A man who made mistakes, many times over; only to confess his lies to the two people who he lied to. Breaking through is hard but we all have the ability to rise up against our true enemy; ourselves.

When it comes to writing I guess in some ways this is a type if journal; one that may be useful to some or so I hope. It’s true purpose is to help me figuring who I truly am. I often wonder why we tend to read other people’s interests and philosophy. It’s always a good feeling to know I’ve done something good for someone else. Helping each other is the only way we can learn to grow as a society and develop strategies to maintain a quality population. Plus who doesn’t need a little help these days? Who doesn’t need some extra money or extra time? We can all use a helping hand these days.

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Candle Light

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White Rose

Reaching A Goal

So today marks the day that I’ve reached my goal and development of Blogancy. Today I come to find out that I have written a total of fifty blogs since starting this website. Of course, it isn’t about the number when it comes to writing; its the quality of the writing. Actually, when it comes to anything in life; no one should measure their success by how much they have or how much they produced! It’s about the heart and soul, putting your all into each article. Whether you write about something you dislike or something you enjoy, telling a story has to he interesting and gripping. In order to draw a audience one must create a world where anything is possible but limitations kept real as well as understandable. Most of all though, the story is always better when it is truthful and without exaggeration. No one likes a story that latter turns out to be fictional or lies. We tend to favor honesty but the truth is we often lie.

So no need to break out the balloons or send me a card. Like many others before me, I am merely providing insight into what I see and how it can help someone else along this journey. That’s the thing about teaching someone or providing insight into a specific topic; we help develop a overall understanding of what’s going on around us. Coming to form a true understanding of each other and one that isn’t fabricated or made up. One that speaks volumes without a continuous struggle for words not there.

Moonlight night during the fall

So how did I get to fifty? How did I manage to dish out articles on all sorts of topics and subject matters? I sat down one day and began writing about life and what we face today, as a society of people who have such a huge advantage on where mankind goes next. We all have the ability to achieve something great and outstanding; no matter who you are. I’ve seen the worst of people show love and generosity, while the love of people showed nothing but hatred. I try to stay positive when writing since I find a happy article is something people like to read.

There are times though, when all we have to write about is sadness and pain. We write how we feel. We express ourselves through feelings and emotions.

“The ego is not master in his own house.”

–Sigmund Frued
Retro grpah edited and glitched

When I write I try to be as authentic as possible ensuring the details make sense and everything adds up. That’s one of the important parts of writing of course, thos is bringing it all together. The conclusion of a story is necessary as like the beginning, there must he an end. Of course I don’t see myself quitting anytime soon, I will be ending this blog.

And even though this marks the 50th blog written, I won’t he going away right yet. I have much more to talk about and much more to discuss, so much to blog! There is also many new events happening soon and we are keeping you up to date with the important things thats happening here at Dr. Digital Philosophy and through our Blogancy. We also offer discounts through our Digital Store Online so check it out today.

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