Poems For The Summer

Twilight Narrows, Nostalgic Memory & Black Knights (Updated)
Candle lights the dark during this relaxing light

Candle Dance Twilight

“Summer breeze, blowing softly against the skin, while sun beats down on the earth, bright beginnings”,

“A streak of cardinal sounds, come through the morning; soft, beautiful, everlasting glory, as the songs sung are part of the story”

“A old woman smiles at you, as you walk by, glancing in her direction; soft warm dandelions sparkle in mornings view, while a train roars up ahead”

Stock image of spellcaster burning a request
Intention Setting

"The morning air, smells of ocean seabreeze, drifting over the water, as you walk to the bank,  uneasy feelings of unrest fill emotion, tears and sorrow"

"The land, oh the stars and moon over the sea, I once had all the glory of everything, it stood by me"

"Now I travel far away, but no place is like home, where twisted, shadow and the glowing sea, beacon beneath the moon"

"I've come to accept it, for all the crime it is; to leave my home forever, only to return once dead".

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“The hidden journey, rider, knight on a quest; is riding towards the light, riding towards a storm.”

“A passenger weeps along the path, quite narrow and mystic; only tricking the rider, into ultimate defeat.”

“Not easily forgiven, or easily betrayed, the knight pulls his body down the path; towards the end of the day.”

“His silence is well spoken, his moans are ignored; since this long and narrow path, only leads to hell’s door!”

Candle light burning bright light

Hope you all enjoyed the poem. I’m quite new to writing poetry and although I use to write in school, I don’t write as much poetry today as I should. When I awoken today, this poem and piece came to form. I had to write it down immediately and blog it, since I do enjoy sharing much of my work these days.

More to come so stay tuned and always check back for more authentic, original and professional material presented at Blogancy, Dr. Digital Philosophy. Follow us on tiktok and snapchat.

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