As The Days Drift Away

Don’t Think I Gave Up On It All Yet

Prime Minister of Canada Listed Images
Prime Ministers of Canada

Research is Necessary For Writing

Lasts night unlike many other nights, I experienced mother nature at it’s fulfillment during her uneasy gentle breeze. Rain cascading down throughout the night, gentle and glorious; Moonlight shadows. It’s night all wrapped up in warm fresh air, gently breezing through the night. A beautiful night and one to hold on to for it’s moonlight shines bright through the darkness left behind by the suns disappearance during the day, or dusk.

Meanwhile, I was busy reading up on the former Prime Ministers of Canada. Interesting to say the least since I arrived at that topic due to the recent indigenous rights advocating for what rightful (and I agree to this), is there land. The Crown Monarch owns the Canada Establishment and considers all land under the Monarch to be Crown Land. Therefore, all land is owned and controlled by who other than your royal majesty The Crown Coroporation. Which doesn’t even reside in Canada at all; but lays East Ward towards another land mass all together known as the United Kingdom of the British Isles. Canada has quite the interesting background in terms of how it came about establishing it’s borders and land stakes.

Anyway, I’m rambling. “This is what happens when I let everything spill at once; it all comes out.” Another thing I tend to to do from time to time but onward forward.

Dr. Digital's Blogancy Selfie Photography 2021
Dr. Digital Philosophy

A New Day, A New Way To Ramble On

Another day approaching and with little time to do much or get anything done. Seems like it moves so quickly and we lose track of time, we forget to maintain the present moment. Take a view of what’s around us, weather it’s family, friends or loved ones close by. The present moment is what we should hold close to us. It’s important, in order to move forward.

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Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone actually reading these articles and images I promote? Wondering who out there would read my work, my manifestation of regurgitating material already written, already known to many who have read the material before. I wonder if anyone is out there? Is there anyone available at all?

A new me today dr. Digital Philosophy Design
Dr. Digital Design

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