What To Write About Today?

What To Write About? To Blog or Not to Blog?

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What To Write About?

Okay, so here is the tough part when it comes to writing; what to write about? Where do I start? What do I need to start a blog? How does one become a blogger anyway? All these questions are what I wondered at first when I started blogging and writing all sorts of strange, interesting things and topics. I didn’t really know my thing was writing until I started and developed new ways of blogging. Reading articles online, looking at blogs on WordPress, other websites and books available on Amazon.com. I also found some useful books on Google Play and Apple istore that were very insightful and useful to help me when I started out.

Candle wick and Burning Away Over Time Original
Candle Light Burns

Why would anyone share their journal online?

I never thought I would be that type of person, who writes and takes photographs for a living. Yet, here I am today; writing all sorts of material and capturing the greatest moments in history. I use authentic and original material, while researching online and through books to gather useful information. I didn’t jump into blogging, I read up on the art and read a bunch of blogs before I even began to start. It’s quite an interesting topic really.

You can blog about anything really, as long as it’s useful to the reader. I find writing informative articles is the best way to start by writing an informative article about something you know how to do. Giving insight to those who are searching for a way to do whatever it is your giving insight into. Try it out today and find out where to start. There is so much information online and you can do blogs for companies to make money.

Give yourself some credit and start writing today. Blogs are something everyone can do, to write about their day or help others by writing information and research material. Even to just get things off your chest is a way of blogging. Read up on how to blog or start reading other people’s articles and blogs to find out some key aspects within the area.

I even found after writing a few blogs, it became a great way to vent and get things off my mind. Knowing fully well, very little people within my group read or write for that matter, so I like the feeling of having material available and only a click away; but as I said before, who wants to read my blog anyway?

Moon Lite Night during spring 2021
Moon Phases

I am new to the scene and haven’t really gotten a whole lot of feedback. I write blogs daily when I have something useful to share and is worth sharing. I also operate a new business endeavor of starting up a local taxi service. I’ve created an online YouTube Channel called Digital Philosophy and now offers 3 new seasons available now. Season 4 is coming soon and the teaser is out now.

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