The Crab And The Moon

The Leo Phase And Cancer

Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

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Hours Away

I grew up celebrating my birthday July 22nd, although I was always a Cancer; there were some articles of horoscopes that would include me as a Leo. So I often wondered, how close am I when it comes to knowing what astrological star I was actually born under? Was I born under the crab, which is known as Cancer? Or was I born under the mighty Lion, known as Leo? I did not know for sure so I investigated the topic at hand and dug a little deeper into the matter.

This paged a way to a new path that allowed me to become enlighten and able to accept myself and my life. It’s a better way of living during these times and everything now makes sense, coming together as one universe that we are wrapped up in right now. Learn to grow as a human race without division or any type of mass extinction.


Question is what time was i born cancer leo horoscopes astrology

Cancer & Leo Collide

Well, here’s one way of knowing. Every since I was younger, I always lived my attraction to water. Not knowing much about astrology and horoscopes back then, I was always enticed by the water. I spent most of my time fishing, swimming or going out in the boat with my family. The adventures on the water were endless it seemed. What lay beneath often interested me but the beauty I saw on the water was beyond compare. Even today, my calming is of water. The purity of such a substance is remarkable when you think about it.

Water draws me in and makes me feel whole when I experience it’s essence and overwhelming power. When I’m around water I am myself and feel drawn to the liquid during anytime of day. It is quite fascinating after all. It is the element for me and I always found it strange I felt this way and given my sign. I am the Crab, but now days I am interested in other signs and tarot.

Rose Blanche Newfoundland and Labrador South West Coast
Rose Blanche, NL

The Crab And The Water

I later discovered, the Cancer sign was a water sign and it was attracted to water. But that wasn’t it, there were more similarities between me and the crab. Highly emotional and in it’s shell made the sign a homebody. It sounded just like me, since I often enjoyed being home rather than socializing with others. I am highly emotional at times and this explanation of the crab was spot on with my personality and traits. I find it amusing how horoscopes are overlooked but the accuracy of the traits and signs are exquisite.

At first I thought it was complete nonsense. I mean how can some star in the sky foretell my horoscope and whats to come. Like tarot and magic, I thought of it as nonsense or silliness this whole time but then I followed up on the matter. Taking a turn where usually I would never dare to tread and here we are.

First off, I found out a crucial piece of information which was relative to reading the signs and stars. The sign Cancer was under and still is under the moon. Now I always enjoyed the moon and find I’m more of a night person than a day person. This was unbelievable but I read on, still thinking that this was in no way related but just nonsense. Who doesn’t like the moon, thinking to myself?

My horoscope under the crab was almost too close to be true and it wasn’t even close to the Leo as the Crab of course, so I followed the crab from then on. I continue even to this day and find it a bit scary how something like a star sign can foretell my endeavors. Even tarot readings have been very close to readings of whats to come. Then again, a dream can reflect an idea in your subconscious; causing you to reevaluate your own beliefs.

Moonlight at night during the full phase Coastal Agency Dr. Digital's Blogancy

So in the end I’ve come to realize that I am definitely a Cancer and although I am close to the Leo, I am a water sign true and through. I have looked into the signs more since first realizing that I may be a Leo sign. I’ve found much of the information online and in books that has given me so much insight to the matter. Anyone wondering about horoscopes or tarot can find out more by going online or downloading apps as well through Apple istore or Google Play. The possibilities are endless when looking into this matter.

Practice safe methods if attempting to understand tarot or divination since these tools we use can cause problems if they are not used and cleansed right. Be cautious always and if you feel you are not ready to search for an understanding, that’s fine too. We all have to chose our own path and only you know when you are ready to travel such a road.

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