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So here it is, a beautiful day with the sun shining bright and the day beginning to warm up (I can get use to this). As the day starts I am happy to wake up to the email that informed me today, I am a trusted blogger with intellifluence. I’m quite proud of this, even if it’s from some online influential company. As far as I’m concerned, a ribbon is a reward and I’m proud of myself for receiving such reward. I think blogging today is important since there are so many things out there to write about. Since the fall of Mass Media, I am recommending blogs to find out accurate information. Give it a try today and start your own blog right away to find out if you got what it takes to write a daily blog.

Blogging Daily

I never blogged before and this is the first time ever doing anything like this online to be honest. I enjoy it, I have to say it is something that has become a type of ritual. Blogging informative articles, writing about my day and posting authentic photographs that help online viewers understand the message being portrayed. One that is transparent and professional. The thing about blogging today is anyone can do it and you can earn money online by blogging today. It’s easy to sign up online since many sites hosts blogs at little to no costs to you.

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Becoming A Blogger

If you told me six months ago that my life was about to change and I would take on an endeavor that would be unlike anything done before; I would laugh. Today, after three months of starting up my own online agency and local business venture; I am now making a career that represents my name, my agenda and what I plan on doing throughout this new venture. Blogging became one of the key components I took on to represent my transparent company throughout this endeavor and venture. Instead of keeping a journal, I decided to make it more transparent and allow me to stick with this new path I have taken recently. I update regularly so tune in for more blogs coming soon.

Blogging is one of the new endeavors I recently decided to take on. At first, it was weird and I had no idea how to start. Today, I write many articles throughout the day and night; writing about lessons I’ve learned, astrology and even poems from time to time. I find all areas of literature important for blogging online today.

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Blogging Today

Digital Transparency & Creativity

So here we are today, writing and posting anything that has value and should be blogged about. Writing updated articles and ensuring grammar and spelling is accurate, since I believe it is one of the most important aspects of writing. Especially today, with all the technology available to ensure accurate spelling. I also find it important to check and ensure there is no plagiarism, since no one wants to see someone stealing other peoples writings. If you must write about someone or quote someone, make a quick reference to them and their material. This is important when writing today. Check out the intellifluence program today!

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