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It May Be The Last

The Moon and The Sun

Tonight the moon moves into Taurus ♉ as the sun has now set itself in Leo ♌ during the ordain and catastrophe of this chaos we call life. It’s been quite a month and with so many new things happening, many new aspects; it’s hard to keep up. We have developed new remixes (not all original), production of a new web series called Digital Philosophy it explores many areas of interest in today’s modern society. Digital Philosophy is now in the fifth Season and looks into growing cannabis. New projects are transpired and there is more coming soon. There is so much content available we now offer a subscribers club called Elite Membership and is available to anyone looking to find out more. Along with Master Querent And Disciples we now offer premium content to keep our members active.

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So Little Time…..

Such an old cliche, I know; given there are so many topics or headlines that would be better but no that wouldn’t work out. Unfortunately, cliches are cliche because they’ve proven the test of time. Given my headline above, there is very little of it. We all know this and we all hear it. Yet do we understand why old sayings are so old? Why is it they are cliches or old sayings in the first place?

I remember growing up and it seemed like time would go so slow during times of awaiting some special event; such as Christmas or other holidays like summer vacation. Me and my sister would wait all day and all night for that day to come, wondering what gifts Santa would bring? We couldn’t wait to wake up that morning to open our gifts and see what we got that year, leaving the wrapping paper all over the floor.

Today, I don’t look forward to things, events or especially holidays. We have holidays based on a religion that very few believe in or follow anymore. We are told they are breaks or time off and this concept I do understand since everyone is entitled to a break or holiday.

Now don’t get me wrong, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We all enjoy time off and holiday celebration with family and friends. We grow up learning about tomorrow and what we have waiting for us. Then we get old and miss out on lost opportunity. So why not make everyday count? Everyday is important in this world called life, sacred and true.

I’ve seen many people during my short life but extravagant travels. I’ve sailed and traveled all over the world but one thing is for sure, we never realize the importance of seizing the moment. The importance of the current time and day; the current people and living for the now.

Candle burns through the night as a bright flame flickers
Candle Light Burning Bright

Live To Die

As I sit here, in my comfort zone; during a meditation. I find my head, clearing away the fog and looking inward at myself as the candles burn to each side of me. Clearing all daily memories and ensuring I focus on what comes to mine through clarity and by understanding. Ensuring light and essence of fire to concentrate on nothing and everything, all at once. In one moment we move from past to future while in the current, the present moment; forever.

Yes, you heard me right; focus on nothing! I foucs on nothing and let my thoughts come in and out of my head, like a flow of ideas and events that transpired and hasn’t transpired. This allows one to hear his/hers subconscious speak and operate freely without judgement.

Clearing each thought I focus inward on the thoughts that are important, the ones that pop into my head, out of no where. Letting the sound of the music channel my inner wisdom, I focus on the present moment and listen.

Breathing in deep and counting..4…3…2…1, releasing the air from my mouth and taking a deep breath through the nose. Then count 1….2….3….4 and release. The breathing helps calm ones mind and body, through relaxation and through understanding ones own thoughts or perceptions.

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Anyway, the key is to relax, focus on one’s self and live for today. We’ll always have events coming up in our lives but never take the current state for granted, we aren’t promised everyday. Seize the day and do something that can help you develop healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

If you don’t like to meditate, try going for a walk or maybe a jog. Maintaining these techniques can help us grow and develop a well maintained, balanced lifestyle that allows us to grow old gracefully. Transform daily routines into habit and it becomes easier day by day. Once a habit is formed, it can be hard to break, whether it is a good habit or bad; is up to you. Your version of a healthy diet may be good for some but bad for others depending on how they live each day.

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These days, I don’t get excited about much but I do get excited about each morning. A new day starts and there’s always so much opportunity at our fingertips we tend to forget the beauty of each day. Never take it for granted is one thing I’ve learned, since the next day doesn’t come to everyone.

Red dark clouds during another shift in phases
Red Dark Clouds

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