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Holding the Candle

Inspiration Equals Insight

I've always enjoyed reading literature along with reading poetry and music.

Actually not!

I use to hate having to learn new words throughout elementary school, just to get through my day and read new words I've learned the day before.The whole process was boring to me and with all my energy, I would prefer being outside with my friends. Running around the streets and having fun playing games like hide and seek, baseball or other activities that involved being outside.

And poetry; seemed pretty silly at first. Until realizing a poem is quite like a song without the tune, with the rhyme. Along with the music, a poem can come to life as a song, artistically acquired to anyone interested or drawn to the beauty of the magic of the song.

To put it lightly, I did not like reading, studying or writing anything; or even coming up with creative ideas and stories for school teachers to read and barely understand (my writing was terrible in school and it seemed no one could pick it out); let alone grade it. The whole idea of it was grotesque during my educational pursuit. 

 I say that with the upmost respect of course, with teachers being way under paid and consistently dealing with other peoples kids, always on a daily schedule and always guaranteed. I was horrible with school and didn't enjoy any of it to be quite honest. The days seemed to take forever to go by and daydreaming was the normal.

Most of my time as a kid, was like many other kids. Getting together after school, trading Pokémon cards or having a game of hide and go seek. I remember learning to ride a bike for the first time and thinking to myself, "I'll never get the hang of this". With practice and patience, I learned to ride the bicycle very quickly. Along with many other skills, it all came with time and patience. 

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July Photography 2021 Original

Learning To Swim Upstream

As we get older, we sometimes forget the time it once took us to learn to do new things and overcome our obstacles. It was difficult at times, then easy for that one kid who always seemed to get the hang of everything but we caught on eventually, breaking through and seizing the moments glory of learning something new. 

We learned it and grew upon achieving that skill. I remember a teacher once told me:

"No matter how old you get or how young you are; you learn something new every day"

--Paul Noseworthy (High School Psychics Teacher, Computer Wiz and man of many talents)

Throughout our lives, we hear quotes daily, almost all the time. We are usually given advice by some parent figure who just wants to help us. Or reassurance from close friends to help us through and thats how we learn.

“No matter how old your age may be or how young you are, we all learn something new every day”

–Paul Noseworthy

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Maksed Perspective

Candle light during the last night of July, 2021 moving into August.

The Last Day

The last day of the month has arrived and summer will soon be over. Although, it doesn't feel much like summer at all (due to the pandemic). Not many people tend to get together these days. Crowds tend to stay at home to be safe and away from being charged for a crime that isn't necessarily any type of crime at all.

"The whole is more, than the sum of it's parts"

"From error to error; one discovers the entire truth"
--Sigmund Frued

These two quotes are from two great philosophers during their time. Some of their theories and most of their quotes, live on today. These men allowed others to see information regarding certian topics and therefore, establishing a new modern theory that worked. Most of the theories led others to discovers that make our lives easier today.

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