Night Time Ritual

A New Start, A New Ending

It’s the past day of the month and the moon is wanning under Taurus. The new day has so much to offer and so much to endeavor. I just finished my evening ritual, that includes meditation and prayer. I also use breathing techniques to help with anxiety. I find when I first get up, taking time to clear my head and pray; helps me throughout the day. It helps me enjoy the opportunity each day has in store for all of us.

Candle Light Wick burning bright in the darkness

A Morning Begins, as Nightfall Ends

I no longer drink coffee. I know that came out of no where but I use to drink coffee every morning. Now today I try a different approach and instead I only have a cup every so often. Rather than drink coffee to wake up, I mediate anf clear my mind of thoughts progressing through my awakening.

Back to the coffee; it’s a habit I have given up about a year ago. I guess replacing it with my mediation was the trade off and and a good trade off at that. Like many habits, I learned to do without certian items that were unnecessary, obsolete and toxic. This has become a practice for me now; a ritual I like to call it. One that allows me to resist temptation and overindulgence.

Cigar Photography Coastal Agency Dr. Digital Philosophy

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"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"
--Sigmund Freud

Although I've kicked many habits and now practice some new ones, I haven't given up everything.

Of course, moderation is the key and finding the balance between a habit is necessary to see the happiness, reality and bliss it can bring. Go to far though and the harm it can cause is sometimes irredeemable.

I have a drink of Scotch sometimes and I literally mean a drink.(Never thought I would say that before but here I am) One drink is enough for me to enjoy it's vintage taste and overwhelming strength that gives it the flavor. The sound of those three ice cubes rattling against the glass is the sound of joy to me. The taste always so strong but just the way I like it; on the rocks. How can you go wrong?

It’s funny; I came to blog about tiktok and it’s current platform. Somehow I tend to wander off the subject of moderation. Overindulgence is unnecessary and can take it’s toll on anyone, given they allow such virtue to take over. It is of course something we can control with willpower and inhibition to stride for better.

Remember, as Aristotle taught us through the twelve virtues; by doing too much of a virtue can have as much a travesty, as doing too little of that same virtue. So by doing too much or too little we come to realize what it means to maintain balance through oneself and through understanding of Philosophy.

Candle windows pane light night outside moon photograph original
Capture The Night July 31st, 2021

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