Cape Ridge And The Memories

The Day Beacon

Candles buring brighter than ever
Short-Story Cape Ridge

Chapter 1-Introduction

It was a warm, summers day and the sun reigned that day, during the hottest day of the year. A nice hot July 10th kind of day. Mark sat at the table looking angry and not enjoying the moment. Almost waiting for the moment to lose it and flip out as his anger grew. His eyes had a look to them, ready to yell or scare whoever it was he was mad at. He was red in the face suddenly.

The day was long and during the days in Cape Ridge, everyone went to the beach and got some sun. It was always nice looking out at the ocean, listening to the tide come in and roll out over and over.

Marc found himself here a lot more lately. After living in Cape Ridge for all his life, he didn’t get to the beach too often. Actually, he have been to the beach more in the past year than he have all his life. Whatever you say about the beach, it sure was a peaceful place to get lost at. The wind gently blowing through his hair and sun beating down on his neck. Mark enjoyed the afternoon but the anger was still inside of him, growing stronger.

Full moon in dark cold sky black

Chapter 2-(The Storm)

Mark awaken on his couch suddenly! Not realizing where he was he got up quickly and looked around. The rain poured hard outside, coming down louder and louder. It was as the rain drops were coming through the roof, like the shots of a gun.

Mark was use to the wind and rain in the area. He wasn’t usually disturbed by the weather but something woke him.

A flash filled the room and Mark knew right away what it was that caused him to awaken. The loud crumbling, static like crack came not long after the flash; as usually.

Moonlight cartoon with blue and dark texture

The the loud roar of thunder filled the sky. So much of a rumble, Mark could feel his house shake. He found it unusual since he never felt such a roar in all his life. Especially one that shook his house ever before. He looked out across the Cape as the Lighting flashed and thunder tipped through the sky, roaring louder and louder it seemed.

Another Roar!

Stock photograph of mountains and fields with fog rolling in

The sound of the roar from the thunder scared him as it shook his house. Rattling the pictures on the wall, Mark was nervous since this never happened to him before. He move towards another window in the house, looking out across the night sky.

Chapter 3-(Pouring Down)

The rain poured down almost all night and all day. Never holding up, even for a second.

Mark looked outside and was upset due to the weather. He had plans for the day and this ruined them indefinitely.

He remembered when he was a boy and walked the streets of Cape Ridge. Thinking one day he would leave the place and seek adventure elsewhere. Somewhere in a city with towers reaching the skys. He was quite a dreamer.

The worst part of course was not being able to work. The rain caused his development project to be put on hold. Lately it seemed the project spent more time on hold due to rain, rather than be developed.

White flower growing during the spring

“The thunder held up at least”, he said to himself as he headed towards his bedroom. He usually spent his time off in bed reading or listening to his favorite podcast online.

Author and production by Skinner J.Tyler. Under Coastal Agency, John Tyler Skinner business development and company located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Operating under Federal and Provincial license and CRA regulations.

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