Welcome To The New Age

The Face Protection~Chapter 1

So we’ve all lived through it, we all seen it and we all do it. It’s for our own safety. We now wear masks when we go inside because it’s the right thing to do. Of course, this would of been unheard of years ago when you went in a store. My God, if you went in a store and seen someone wearing a masks; things were about to get scary.

Now what is even scarcer is that years ago, I was told by a guy; “One day we will all be wearing a masks”, he shouted. He was certian there would come a time when we would all have to cover our face, to become less offensive.

He never said it was due to a Pandemic or Virus but offensive. Can you believe how silly how thought this guy was when he said this? Never in a millions years I thought to myself. What kind of madness would that be? Living in a society where we are told that wearing masks can help us?

“Sure, what of safety and security from terrorism?” I wonder, “Where did all that go?”

Black and white image of faceless figure
Faceless Expression Black & White Era 2021

Don’t Forget~Chapter 2

So it’s 2021, we’ve experienced a pandemic, a economical crash worldwide and instead of moving ahead in the future and driving floating cars, we now wear masks to protect each other. (Not that I’m against the mask but it’s a touchy topic and I like discussing touchy topics) Since the pandemic I’ve noticed so much change in such a small amount of time. How did we get here and where do we go from here?

From the movies years ago where a man and his apprentice traveled “Back To The Future” and cartoons where a family lived in outer space on “The Jetsons”. Who would of guessed we would be walking down the street wearing a cloth or mask over our face? Wondering if it’s okay to take it off or to keep it on? We’re so confused these days, we don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore. We circle around, chasing the same piece of nonsense over and over; for some it works quite well. For others who study the past and many events throughout history will see this for what it actually means.

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Chapter 3~Future Silenced

Lite sky during star light night over the hills
Stock Photography

It reminds me of that song I hear all the time, “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. I tend to enjoy the Disturbed version but it was originally by Simon and Garfunkel. Strange though ain’t it? How does one write such a sing years ago, that has so much relevance today? Did they have a time machine? How did they know what we were in for?

Maybe all those movies back then had a reason for all the time travel sci-fi, maybe there was more to those movies. Maybe they knew what was coming and were trying to warn us of the apocalyptic era that is on it’s way. Not by the cold arms of nuclear power; but due to human ignorance and self reliability. We forget how not long ago, men were sent overseas and across the fields, to fight the Nation War Machine known as Nazism. Men fought for our freedoms and rights we have today; yet where is it? All I see are faces I no longer recognize.

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Abstract Image

I remember a time when we were taught how to think for ourselves and fight for what we believe to be right and what is just. Today; I hear people refer to the News Media for their information and that’s fine, if you use it as entertainment. I would suggest though, with all the technology we have today; research a topic and think about it before preaching it to someone else. (Snopes is not everything either) We are all entitled to an opinion but when I hear someone argue, “Well I heard it on the news”, I tend to suggest more research into whatever topic. Though saying that, we all have the right to freedom of speech don’t we?

I’m sure given what we hear and see today though from Media News, “we can all trust their perspective and integrity, since we can always believe everything we see on television”.

Isn’t that what we always heard growing up? Don’t always believe what we see on television? With so many resources and tools available to us today, why is it the television is the only piece of technology we have to rely on for useful information? Or to find out facts for that matter? It’s absurd!

Then again, I did quote two fictional pieces of material at the start of this blog. So what does that say about me? Wait a minute!

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