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It’s July 29th, 2021 and after a long day I’ve finally had some time to write and finally some time to blog. Today, like many other days were unusual, since I’ve decided to start video snapping on tiktok. Quite a different platform but entertaining and beneficial for developing a new approach to making videos online (Previously I’ve been nervous about posting anything other than pictures online and that was only Facebook). I got to say though, I’m beginning to like this app. Check out my tiktok profile here: Master Querent And Disciples: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLJSYpth/

Taking a new approach and developing new ways of doing things are necessary for development in any area online as well as offline through local channels. Stepping out of our comfort zone may feel strange and unpleasant at first, but once you see the positive side of how a new development can benefit your approach; you’ll begin to see the importance of it.

“Quality is not an act, but an habit”


“Happiness depends upon ourselves”

Aristotle had many great quotes regarding the subject of quality and the benefits of developing a new approach to your everyday life. Stepping away from old habits that isn't useful can be difficult but they are achievable. Although habits are hard to break, with enough energy and time anyone can master their own sanctity. Given you really want to of course.

That's where it all comes together. In order to break a habit, you have to form a new one whether it is healthy or otherwise depends on the person making the trade off to a new approach. So, it's all about building a new approach or habit, out of the old habit by changing course.

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Reading Today

To break habits and develop new way of getting into a more healthy lifestyle, we have to get out of our “comfort zone”. This is the tricky part and can be hard to do, since you are use to doing something one way; changing it to another technique can take time. Like learning to play the guitar; it’s hard to get the technique but over time and with patience, you learn how to play the instrument.

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By developing patterns throughout the day will help with this development. Practice and patience is necessary in order to achieve the set goal you hope to reach. This new approach will seem strange and out of character; but over time, development of the technique and all that comes with it, will begin to form. The manifestation then becomes a habit forming on how you make it.

I’ve found meditation js a great technique for making a new habit easy to approach. By looking inward at myself I discover if the approach is right for me, those around me and even those who aren’t affected yet by this new approach or new habit. I take all of the effects the new approach or habit I’m developing, will have on the world. If it seems out of place or too far out of touch I will laugh at the thought and move on. There is no need to bring a bad habit into forming when it’s not necessary. This will cause much more harm than good as well as unnecessary energy that can be used for healthier approaches.

Not all developments or thoughts are good ones. That is why I think or meditate on the subject at hand before taking action. A new development I started three years ago and found it very helpful. Wouldn’t you agree, that by thinking something over before doing it is a positive approach? Taking time and thinking the matter through before doing it is a good approach and I practice daily to ensure a beneficial lifestyle. One that works for me and those around me; those I care about and hold closely. It’s quite relaxing and allows me to see myself in a realistic light. By sending out positive thoughts and vibes, often reflects that energy back to the sender.

Candle Image Original Dr. Digital Philosophy Authentic burning bright
“Like a candle, patience is necessary for light; by burning the wax patience is necessary”–Dr. Digital Philosophy

So remember that with effort and practice anyone can overcome old, outworn habits. Creating new goals and objectives for yourself will help you through a new approach that not only benefits you, but those around you as well.

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