Dreams, Nightmares and Terrors

It’s Always So Real

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It always starts off the same. I'm walking around a pit, snow up to my knees and I am only a boy of the age of 5 or 6 maybe. I look down and below about 100 meters is a pit with water and ice. The fall is steep and the water looks like it's freezing. I look away immediately!

Up ahead is two people who I make out to be my Mother and my younger sister. They walk ahead if me as I yell, "Wait Up!" But there's never much of a response. They continue on, moving faster all the time.

I try to rush, slipping and falling into the water. Slowly moving deeper and deeper into the abyss; the water doesn't feel cold or even bothering to me. I open my eyes and realize, it's just a dream. 

Since I was 6 or 7 years old I had this dream. It puzzled me then as it puzzles me now when I dream this horror of a nightmare. 

Why can't I ever catch up?
Why do I always fall into the pit in the end?
Why is my Father never present?

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We all dream but not all of us tend to remember our dreams. For whatever reason is hard to understand. Some believe dreaming is a link to an alternative reality that we exist in as an alternate personality. 

I remember being young and wondering why I dream the way I do? Even now the interpretation is still a mystery seems, as it was back then. 

Nightmares, night terrors and even vivid dreaming is something I have been associated with for a long time. I believe through my meditation techniques and practicing the craft has allowed me to look further into my dreams. Allowing me to understand my reality as well as my subconscious. It's quite an experience to say the least and have been quite the journey. 

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Do you remember having a dream that was so real it seemed as if you were awake the whole time?

Did you wake up suddenly before, falling off a cliff in the dream?

Dreaming is a subconscious experience that allows our conscious to rest and restore the experiences from that day. Quite like a filter, removing harmful material that isn’t useful; our dreams do much of the same. Storing the important information and neglecting the useless content, recycling the thoughts throughout the day.

Dreaming it seems to me, is a process that allows us to wake the next day, refreshed and ready to take on take particular day.

Imagine if we carried around all of our memories and thoughts daily. Over time we would become bombarded with useless information, that was only thought up by us or made up and not important. The brain has a subconscious way of allowing itself rest; along with a process of getting rid of useless and unnecessary information.

During my dreams I’ve come to learn how to develop my subconscious sleep. Allowing myself to validate and examine my dreams. I’ve fought monsters and even experienced a type of video game world, where I could view the player and be the player as well. (Weird I know) And now the dreams are so vivid and real, I always take them into account. It’s necessary for I believe dreams are a way of our subconscious trying to tell us something.

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