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"The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing"

"True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves and the world around us"

I love Socrates quotes! The true knowledge wrapped in a simple quotation, so true and so wise. Socrates is long gone but his quotes and knowledge lives in today. Professional scholars, scientists and priests all comment this great philosopher fluently in their discussions.

I believe that by research, reference and books available today; with so much reference material available; anyone can research any topic presented. Through online applications such as Amazon, Google and Apple; there is a massive amount of content available at very affordable prices and sometimes free.

I find reading today is always changing how I think or act with regards to a new topic presented through a different perspective. So many artist and authors have presented their perspective into topics allowing for everyone to understand what they are presenting and why it is important to understand.

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Reading informative articles like the one being presented here

There are many resources and materials available online today that are informative, clear and useful to anyone looking for up to date research material presented by authors all over the world. All material presented is important and all types of perspectives are valid today.

To gain a understanding of a particular subject or topic you are discussing online or with friends; you must have some sort of knowledge towards the topic. But what if you don’t? What if you don’t understand that particular topic being presented?

Well, throughout this webpage we present a large variety of content including images, edited material through research and design. We present daily blogs that present a wide variety of information available online as well as content presented by authors, artists and philosophers who throughout history and today has contributed much work and material that is valid today, as it was seen during their time.

Wiki4all on YouTube

The link above contains a huge amount of material that is presented through YouTube clips. Since watching this channel I have gained a great insight towards the content being presented. Of course, this is done through research online applications other than the video being shown by wiki4all but by other information. Information presented by other people online and through articles available by them.

So when researching or looking into any topic presented, it is best to try researching other materials available like this webpage, books, offline research (like newspapers, magazines and other available domains) and starting your own validation of the topic given many other opinions you’ve researched. This is the way of learning to research today and by doing this we all have a valid topic to discuss and present to others within that area or subject being discussed.

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