Rachel Pollack:Seventy-Eight Degrees To Wisdom

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Seventy-Eight Degrees to find wisdom and inner knowledge through tarot readings is amazing to say the least. Understanding life as it is and all that makes us, who we are and what we become is important towards this journey. Check out Seventy-Eight Degrees to Wisdom today! Our blog can help you understand what you’re looking for in understanding of knowledge and wisdom.

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Today, I did something different! I decided to embark on a new mission as my guided path has been developed and I must follow. I have recently developed the ability to use intuitive knowledge to foresee events, depending on the nature of the cards being presented before me. I have used the last few years of my life during this strange phenomenon, to learn and practice safe understanding and development of tarot and meditation techniques. This has helped me grow as an individual in the pass few years and it’s been exhilarating, fulfilling and enhanced during my journey.

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Today, I had the opportunity to purchase the book titled, “Seventy-Eight degrees of Wisdom” and have offered so much insight into the tarot cards, their meanings and alterations over time through manipulation of their artistic design. And in some tarot decks, the cards that were altered are present and some are not (more on this later). The author of this book, Rachel Pollack is a well known author that has made this work of magick available today. She is exquisite in delivery of the information being presented on such topics as tarot and understanding the world as it was yesterday, is today!

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Earlier, I mentioned how the tarot decks have been altered over the centuries and by kings who felt their way of reading tarot was the right one, the way they seen their vision. But take this into consideration; if we choose to remove certain cards from the deck, aren’t we just as difficult? When it comes to altering or removing cards; I suggest leaving the full deck as it is today. Allowing all cards (including the altered cards) to be included for a effective reading and viewing of tarot.

So today, I am recommending a audio book available on Amazon.com and is affordable. This book has great knowledge and understanding of not just tarot, but how to understand ones self before reading the cards for someone else. (Remember, always practice safety during these readings, since dark portals can be opened; allowing darkness to flow into your circle) Practice is always important in one’s self, before reading someone else’s tarot. Safety is important during these rites and readings so stay safe; know what it is you are doing and make sure you are in a safe place. Be sure your mind is at peace and in a calming state, since this is important and necessary!

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I’ve come to start reading this book since practicing meditation and regular prayer techniques. These inner wisdom moments has taught me to look inward and focus on myself. The tarot predicts a reading (that has been 100% accurate since the beginning of my readings) and it is written in the cards; as it is already known and already manifested during the tarot prediction. Be cautious above all and listen to the author of this book and read the material closely.

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Dr. Digital Philosophy Techniques and Tarot Books

This if course may seem cryptic or a bit over the top for those who don’t believe. I understand how you feel and totally get why your hesitation is stopping you. It’s for this simple reason:

–>”If you feel you aren’t ready or unable to perform such manifestation or magick; DO NOT ATTEMPT IT!” And please follow, “During these rituals and rites, a clear mind and peaceful mind much be ready to proceed with any spell or rituals.”<–

I recently finished a book not long ago (and not A song of Ice and Fire yet) called “A New Earth”. A novel about resisting ego and learning to live in the present moment. It’s by Eckhart Tolle and was a magnificent book to read and one that changed my life forever. I highly recommend it and suggest it to anyone looking for a new approach to life and all it’s glory.

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I don’t know about other people but I only “attempt white magick since I’ve seen what dealing with dark forces can manifest and curse”. I would suggest anyone doing such rites, practice the same safety as me. Stay on the path of light and all will be revealed during enlightening.

This book has helped me understand what the value and complexity of each card represents. Along with how each card is turned and which card it is turned with; also affects each outcome. So, caution when practicing these readings and rituals; please!

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The book is full of knowledge and understanding of the veil, sensuality and how we interact with the world, both consciously and subconsciously. This may be through dreams as well as everyday activities we go through. It relates these everyday subjects to tarot and how the tarot can help us during everyday events and how we go about these daily activities.

I recommend taking your time during the reading of this book and take in all it’s knowledge and understanding provided throughout this novel. It is a valuable tool for anyone looking for insight into tarot and the unknown areas of knowledge. The quality of the details are also quite important when reading this novel and great for those looking for a good read.

Check out the audio book here at Dr. Digital Philosophy: https://amzn.to/3kRHefd-‘>to get your book today! “Seventy-Eight degrees to Wisdom” is available for a great price here! And shipping is on us so you get free shipping through us! To contact us, locate our contact page or email us at affiliateguide709@gmail.com to find out more about Dr. Digital Philosophy today.

“Follow the Light and the Path will Shine

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