The Day Beacon- A Short Story {PART 3}

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Beacons A New Day-Part 3

Author: Skinner J.Tyler

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Chapter 4

The night came on quickly and the silence in the air was comfortable in the evenings. Paul looked at the scene outside and remembered how nice it was to have the view right outside his window. Much better than when he lived in the city the thought to himself. Much nicer and the air was cleaner here. The days were nice here and he grew use to his surroundings over the past few years, allowing him to be comfortable at home. He smiled!

There in the city he would hear the cars drive by all night long as he tried to sleep in his small apartment. The sounds of the roar outside would ruin his night sleep sometimes and keep him up for hours. He lived right on the main street then, in the center of the city where it got real busy during rush hour. He hated it. The apartment was above a wedding shop and loan office and during his days off he would hear the noise outside. The sound of the hustle and the bustle rattled him at times, causing stir during times when people stood outside his apartment, shouting at times. Those days were long pass but yet it only seemed like yesterday. It seemed as if he was only there in the old apartment some days. Where did time go?

Candle Light Black and White
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A loud stirke of lighting light up the nights sky and the rumble shook his place suddenly! As the sky light up with a zap and followed by a loud rumble and cracking through the sky! Thunder and Lightning! The rumble shook his house so hard at times he could feel the shake, causing him to become rattled and a little nervous. He disliked the thunder and lightning, the sounds it made and the rumbles it caused was worrisome to Paul.

Lighting strike stock image during night

Paul never liked the weather in the area (unless it was sunshine and a cool day) but this was new. He felt drawn to the sound of the rain falling in the rooftop. He never heard a rumble so loud it seemed, followed by a downpour of rain. Off in the distance he could see the zap of the lightning strike. Followed by a loud crackle and rumble that nearly shook the floor beneath his feet. He jumped from the fright!

Then all of a sudden, it was black! No lights, no power and nothing but pitch black darkness. He couldn’t see a thing! He was frightened but it was a dark night and the sounds of rain and thunder had shook him.

He struggled to get towards the spare room to find candles and matches. It was difficult to see and Paul have not yet mastered the dark hallway during complete darkness yet. Even after the few years of living in Cape Ridge, he still found it scary to hear the silence and see nothing but black outside.

One step, then another one and maybe another one. Almost there now but keep moving. Paul snuck through the dark highway towards the room. This was the perfect time for a long nap. Paul made his way to the bedroom and turned in for the night. The sound outside was distracting and yet Paul got to sleep somehow.

Black Night Moon in black and white imagery

He woke up suddenly the next morning to the loud slap of a lighting strike, followed by a loud roar of thunder. Paul opened his eyes and sighed to the sound of the weather. Another rainy day and Paul had nothing to do today. Everything was done, except for one thing and that was what he wanted to avoid; for the time being.

Another rumble shook the house out of no where again and a loud roar of thunder filled the sky and ripped through the silence of the night. Causing it to seem as if the whole world have disappeared into no where, then to shake the ground during the crackle of thunder. It seemed as if the noise was never going to end this time but as it settled he realized he would have to make his way to the kitchen. There he would have to spark the candles with something.

Ending of The story image of Dr. Digital Philosophy portrayed as Paul
Ending If the Story

Finally, a light! Paul finally found a person who was able to share a gift that helped Stephan during the “Vampire Diaries”, a show that he really enjoyed during these days of working at home and keeping a social distance. He wasn’t one to make friends quick and didn’t know many people in the area.

As Paul flicked the candle wick; the light flickered and jumped from side to side. Around it danced almost as the light was shining ever so bright it seemed. Paul smiled and moved towards the table. The light flicking through the shadows and casting all types of shadows on the wall through the candle light. Such a night, such a day.

Author and published by Skinner J.Tyler 2021 at Coastal Agency and under Dr. Digital Philosophy.

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