Blogger: 2021 How to Start?

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Author and Published by: Skinner J. Tyler

Full moon during fall equinox of 2021
Captured Original from July 24th, 2021

So it’s July 24th, 2021 with a new Saturday and new weekend evolving once again. It’s early in the morning and I’m looking up topics on WordPress that shows me tips on how to blog. It’s something I’ve been interested in now for a while since COVID19 happened. With so many things changing, I decided to speak my voice and start a blog, online web series and other online articles or videos that reach a huge amount of people online. They results so far have been spectacular.

I’ve only written a few articles in WordPress and my other online site, Coastal Agency; where we discuss a wide variety of events and topics in everyday life during 2021. Although I am new, I enjoy writing and keeping a online journal of sorts, that allow me to go back a read what I write and find out what was going on during that time.

I can’t imagine anyone reading my blog to often but I enjoy it either way. I look forward to writing a detailed article about events going on around me and discussing how I feel about the idea or topic at hand.

Pink light bulb lighting up the night with a bright light
Updated Photography October 2021

I won’t lie, I only decided to start blogging about three or four months ago. I’m far from a expert and merely a beginner, with writing blogs but it’s something I have taken up and enjoy to do daily now. Like a daily ritual, I write as much detail and content as I can about certian topics, subjects that are interesting and boring.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Logo Self Image Black and White
Selfie Skinner J.Tyler 2021

The reason I decided to start off was when I recognized a need for change. In myself mostly but I seen what was going on and what was coming up. So I wanted to start a journal, keep track of my daily events. Write down the events of today and keeping track of everything. I felt it was necessary for transparency in my daily life so I began to write. Instead of keeping a secret book with all my entries, I decided to get online and publish my journal as a webpage. It’s been interesting so far and quite useful when reflecting back to past articles and images.

Of course, upon researching the topic before trying it out since it’s been so long since I’ve kept a journal. While browsing online, I found many different fields of blogging and the usefulness of it’s glory online. And it is relevant to today’s world, where most people are online today, and reading or watching videos of sorts. Making your own opinion based on knowledge from all sides will help you find your true opinion.

Altered Edited Images of candle light burning in the night

Who goes outside anymore?

I sit here after waking from a nap( I love to sleep by the way) watchingThe Vampire Diaries”. It’s quite the show that’s for sure and that Damon hey? I couldn’t understand what they first meant with regards to turning the humanity switch on and off. I now get what they are saying though. It’s the key point in all of us and having some ounce of care. But with vampires, it’s the final piece of humanity they have. I found this so interesting upon hearing it since I find humans have the same sort of switch as well, metaphorically speaking of course.

Books, stories and literature on  a table, with a cup of tea

So I said to myself one day, “Would I have the capability to create a website that was accessible?” Turns out the creating was the easy part but the tricky part is maintaining a website that’s interesting, reliable and resourceful. That’s how I started blogging and it’s good to get things off my mind and help others out along the way. Isn’t that what it’s all about about anyway?

Light bulb edited through a dark image
Cancer leaves and descend into Leo

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