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I wonder sometimes if people actually pay attention to the material presented through online video and other resources from available videos to literature, written by anyone; or do we just sit and watch; like mindless drones? Aimlessly looking at the screen, just following the same mindless chatter over and over.

The ones who are lost in the presentation, decaying slowly over time and feeding only off the information on t.v. Slowly devouring our train of thought, to alter that; which it really wants you to hear. Through brainwashed agendas and to mind control techniques, the hidden truth is within plane sight these days! (I warn you, that not all people should continue reading as this topic is a little bit scary and may stir up some frightening terrors).

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So the question today is this:

“Have you ever seen a series, available on YouTube and other websites as well; called wiki4all? I included the link so you can check it out. I would advise you to check it out frequently actually! Wiki4all is a series that presents information to the audience and some information is already known, some is questionable and other topics are bizarre.”

–Dr. Digital Philosophy Topic wiki4all

Anyway, during the Covid19 crisis, there was a lot going on and most of us were home staying safe, and in quarantine. During this time, there were many presentations online through Facebook, YouTube and even Google had some crazy series available.

A friend later came to me and said, “Hey did you notice that whole series isn’t available anymore”?

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Moonlight Sky during Summer Time 2021

So for those of you who haven’t yet, here it is: Wiki4all, a web series that is researching epilepsy and difficulty viewing due to visual impairment:

“Worried yet?” If not then maybe you aren’t paying attention! The signs and material is all available of you look and listen to the information. But I’m just providing the details to you; I cannot make you observe! There is some strange information available within this wiki4all channel and I suggest you watch a few to get the idea.

Also feel free to check out our other sites and although we are free to use, we offer a subscription to premium content and accept donations. Since we donate to charity local and worldwide, we ask for your help during these times of need. Thank you and we appreciate the donations so far guys! Thank you and take care out there!”–Dr. Digital Philosophy

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July Cancer Sky 2021 Development Coordination

I did some digging into the wik4all and I’m not sure if it even relates to the Wikipedia Idea. Anyway, I found what seemed to be a webpage but later I got this: and in the meta data it says, “Is this the real life or just some fantasy, caught in a landslide; no escape from reality.” Check it iur here:

Wiki4all search results on Google
I like providing reference to the material

So why is it a wiki type page as this one has no real site, provides descriptive videos and is very secret it seems? What’s up with this YouTube Series anyway? Is there something I’m missing?

Of course, it’s all around us and displayed in ways available for everyone to see. The thing is, just like most stuff placed before us today; the relevance is necessary but not everyone gets what’s going on. Not everyone can see the eye of course. It takes time and even then it’s hard to believe but what about this wiki4all? What is wiki4all trying to tell us? What information are we missing here?

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I still find it strange though, looking at this web series being presented. I try to look it up online to see if there is an official site but I never get far with it. Since COVID19, this web series have been available and is one of the web series I’ve seen lately that I consider odd.

Updated : it is January 14th, 2022 and even today there is still videos being uploaded to this youtube web series. I look into the whole series and the information it presents. One thing i notice about YouTube, Google, etc; is they all tend to block videos or articles that feature false information.

The strange thing about these videos and it’s information is it’s not being removed or blocked. Interesting web series to say the less but I plan on keeping a eye on Wiki4all for now. Their videos are interesting and can be interpreted in many ways.

With so much disinformation available today, we have become unable to contrast between what is reliable information and what isn’t. So much garbage has been forced into our heads that it becomes almost impossible to tell fact from fiction. This can be very dangerous if someone relies on everyday mass media news or fictional videos on tiktok.

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As I heard growing up, “Don’t always believe everything you see on TV.

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Dystopia Day

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