The Day The Music Died

Sign of dead end stock photography
The Day The Music Died
I Did The Craziest Thing….I Got Rid of Facebook! I’m glad I did, since now my life doesn’t revolve around self-assurance or validation of myself!

Candle burning throughout the darkness
Candle Light So Bright

Alright, so maybe just to be more persistent, Facebook got rid of me. I haven’t been able to sign in now for over a week and to be honest; it’s been great! I truly enjoy not being able to get online wasting time reading nonsense and other posts of people complaining about nonsense. Of course, this is due to the controversy, that I’ve allowed Facebook to become; being that it was my Facebook and my wall that I was seeing; based on people I added.

I’ve found Facebook has become so much of a bad habit today (of course this is my speculation on the matter); it’s almost obsolete. At first, I didn’t know what to do, I panicked almost immediately. Trying many ways to get it back. Like some addict trying to get his fix to ensure the daily ritual or habit is sustained, I did everything I could to get back online. Unfortunately, it didn’t work until I got to the point where I am now. The point, I like to call; the point of no return!

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Facebook Exit

Over time and throughout my daily routine, I’ve forgotten about it, no longer needing the social platform. The app I once opened right away, upon entering my phone or laptop. Facebook is no longer with me unfortunately, and for that I do apologize to everyone using the social media app and would like to connect but there are so many other applications out there today. (It was my number one means of contact with old friends and family, so thanks Facebook). But now I see that by throwing in an extra value such as communication, it’s importance is valid unfortunately. Making way to a new era in my life and going without something in order to preserve and move forward.

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Man walking and smiling

Over the short time without it, I’ve come to not need it. So that’s why I decided to say, “To hell with it, I’ll give up Facebook”. Quite frankly, I’ve recently thought about giving up my account since most posts are deleted because of the topic presented (censorship at it’s finest) or things just get removed until Facebook becomes a shadow of what you are representing. Only showing half of what you mean to present, therefore giving way to a bias view of who you are and what you represent.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Shawdow image edited
Dr. Digital Philosophy

Today, with our modern society and it’s been a rough one, that is certain! But today, I would be ashamed and embarrassed to remove a article or photo due to it’s content and political view. It’s not why I stood by Facebook for this long. But to be honest, it’s removal of such people as Donald Trump and other online business tycoons, has left me wondering why I would even support such online media for removal of a President who spoke the truth! Time to quit this bad habit and move forward in life.

So long Facebook, I’ve come to learn a better way of life that doesn’t include your agenda, or platform thay is available today! Take care and all the best on future endeavors with censored, blacked out, corrupted media and it’s current platform, that represents everything it once stood for and that’s very little today.

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