The Day Beacon-{Part ll}

Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Hands on a typewriter getting ready to write stock image
The Day Beacon Part ll

Chapter 3-Moving Ahead

There he was, sitting at the table. Drinking the coffee that seemed to take forever to make. It was good, hot and fresh. He loved how it smelled right before he took a sip. The strong scent was one he seemed to enjoy daily. The simple things, the small bliss. If only all days could be so blissful, Paul thought to himself.

He enjoyed his morning coffee, his daily ritual. He looked outside and could see the sky light up ever so bright. The blue sky was always nice to see during days around the Cape. The mountains towered above, almost reaching above the clouds, some days it seemed. It was a fantastic sight to view every morning.

He continued drinking his coffee thinking about it all and how things could have been different and not so long ago. It wasn’t too long ago he was in a different place, in a different time and living life as he normally did. During which everything seemed so normal and guaranteed. His job was once said to be a full time job that he would have for a lifetime. Funny how a lifetime can be so short sometimes, he laughed to himself.

Everything wasn’t so different then. It almost felt the same really but it wasn’t the same since everything changed. He wondered what would become of him now with everything that happened? What would happen during the next five years? Ten years? He pondered it over in his head, slowly and carefully. Only to realize that kind of thought could raise fear and anxiety.

The birds continued to chirp off in the distance, as Paul sat in the edge of his bed. He was contemplating everything that happened and everything taking place during his day. He barely saw anyone anymore and when he didn’t he didn’t recognize them.

Fictional image edited for storyline of forest outside Cape Ridge
The Morning Sky During Paul’s Morning Coffee
     He once worked at a full time job, in a plant that packaged fish, sea food and all types of ocean products. Ue was good at his job and really enjoyed it. Those days were long gone. The fishery was no more and his job was only a memory now. A distant one that only seemed like yesterday.

As he sat finishing the last drop of coffee in his cup he looked out the window and wondered what it would be like now? What would his life be now if he still had that reliable job? Still had that reliable routine that paid his monthly bills and secured his livelihood. What would it be like he wondered?

He went to the sink and rinsed his mug with water and filled the sink with detergent. He then walked towards his office and whistled a tune that seemed familiar but quite off that was certian. He made his way to the end of the hall, pass the bathroom and into the room he now called his office. It was a mess and he knew he should clean it up days ago, but he’s been busy with other things. Other important items that present themselves throughout the day.

He sat in the chair and opened the browser on his computer, typing the same thing he searched every other day. Typing in the search bar “coffee beans”, and clicking the search button. Then browsing through different types available. It’s become a hobby of his during the past several months.

The same thing usually came up but it didn’t determine his further need to search. He hoped someday soon he would get the chance to see his project appear at the top of the search results but that was yet to be seen. Far from being the big ticket item for his ultimate dream book.

He opened his file titled “text document 1” and began to scroll towards the bottom where he left off. He read the last few paragraphs and sat in the chair, slowly looking at the new paragraph he began to write. “The coffee, even though strong, was very…..”

Man writing on a piece of paper at his desk while sitting

Again, nothing came to mind for the next word. Nothing was typed since the last few paragraphs. Paul has been finding it hard to write even a few paragraphs during his day. Even a few words to be honest. He usually ended up searching useless things online and browsing his Facebook.

Today he thought to himself would be the day he would type out the keywords that made his novel a work of art. This would be the day to describe the walk to the beach and the smell of the ocean as the wind blew gently through the air. He drew a blank as what to write next.

But nothing came to mind.

Man typing on a keyboard sitting at his desk, on the computer

He stared at the scene with a blank look and then began to look at the pictures on the desk. So many memories and so many images of days passed, days gone by. Wonderful, magnificent days that he could remember as if they were only yesterday.

Of course, nothing was the same anymore and Paul knew that. Everything has changed he thought as he got up from the chair and went towards the kitchen. Nothing was like it once was, one time before in a memory not long ago. Memories he thought to himself.

Another cup he thought, that’s what I need! That’ll help get those words on the page.

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