A Poem Of The Ladies

The Three-Sisters Twilight

Fictional image of candle burning bright throughout the night
The Sisters Gather

“Lemon drop yellow, during rain drops mellow,”


Sunlight lost, foggy clouds;”


“During midnight twilight, a breeze is gentle through air,”

“Clutching; Clinging;”

“Calm, forever gentle during silent whispers, streaming fair;”


“Nostalgic memory, drinking twilight essence;”


“Clutching, another summer breeze;”

“Clinging Shadows;”

“Moonlight , shines brighter, the dance of Twilight Sisters.”

Picture of a ship sailing in the harbour while people rejoice ashore
The Three-Sisters Twilight

Written and edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy through Coastal Agency and affiliated entities. Author and creator Skinner J.Tyler, original and authentic, July 2021. The three Sisters Twilight isn’t a replica but of authentic and original writing through myself, under Coastal Agency.

Giving to those who are with you until the end. Standing by your side, forever and always! The three sisters are that of Folk Lore but why do they appear so often and usually under the same type of ladies. The witches or the Sisters, Macbeth portrayed them as the three Sisters. The Witcher Series referred to them as the Lady’s of the woods or the Cranes, and they seem to appear quite often.

The ladies of the wood or the three witches; dwindle and weave their patterns. And no one can escape what is written in the things to come and things that have passed.

A bound witch follows the candle light
Blinding Eyes See

The three ladies warned Macbeth that many things would ensure his death but Macbeth failed to see the hidden meaning within each proclamation of what Macbeth believed impossible!

It forecasted his ultimate death and seal his fate upon what the ladies said in the beginning. The lesson here of course;

Never pay attention to prophecy and fortune telling as your fate may be sealed, sometimes its best not to know until that time arrives.”

–Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021

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So what this brings us to the end of our article. Many things and paths manifest during the course of a new phase. During which, many developments unfold and many unknowns develop through new friendships and breaking the old through letting go and moving on. It is written and therefore we accept it, as it is and move forward.

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