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It’s Birthday Time

July 22nd,1987 Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler
Dr digital Philosophy Scientists Selfie During 2021 Time Machine
Time Travel Through Dimensions

Tonight is July 22nd, 2021 and I am officially 34 years old today. It seemed such an old age when I was younger and a number I thought I would never reach. But here it is, July 22nd is my birthday. No big deal or anything, just another date that’s not that special to me or anyone.

I never anticipated my birthday much since it wasn’t usually a good birthday growing up. Where my birthday was during the summer, most people were gone on summer vacation or gone camping. It was hard to have a birthday party during those months when most of my friends were away. Through no fault of there’s, I ended up hating the day over time and still do.

I find the whole process of birthdays to be obscene. Especially when we all celebrate our lives on a daily basis anyway. I mean when I wake up most days, I usually think about what I’ll be doing today.

The truth is I feel better today than I did eight years ago. I’m healthy, meditating and eating well, plus I exercise regularly by walking around for about 30 minutes or more during nice days. I was talking to a psychologist who helped me many times with words of wisdom and evaluation of me during my times of unnecessary wandering off topic.

It’s usually nice to have someone who you can rely on for sound advice which is hard to come by these days. I find it helpful to have a wiser person giving me good, up front advice that sucks to hear sometimes but only benefits me in the end. When someone tells you something, no matter how bad it is, they’re probably trying to help you out and give you some sound advice. We take what others say sometimes to be hurtful and judgemental but sometimes criticism can help someone obtain heights they thought impossible.

Fictional Dr Digital Philosophy Self Image during summertime
Skinner J.Tyler 2021 Blogancy

Here I am today, during my pursuit for a endeavor not taken lightly it seems. During my time off over Covid19 I studied and researched many items and topics. Even to go so far as to question the presentation at hand. It was quite an experience. Then given the opportunity I decided I was part of the problem and not the solution, so I decided to go out on my own. Pursue a path that is mine and one that can help others along this journey.

I may need help in the days to come and I need help now for those who are welling to help me during these times if pursuit of a endeavor unlike many others before me. I blog, present and record my daily life; to present to everyone in a transparent, honest and professional way. To help others understand and see that life is worth living. Not always guaranteed and never granted, one should value the daily life since we only get one.

Person strums an acoustic guitar
Playing guitar has always been a hobby of mind

That was me 8 years ago on the Artic Exhibition 2013. I worked with the Government then and sailed North towards the North Pole on a adventure I couldn’t imagine. I won the talent show and sang many songs to people from all over the world. It was quite the experience and one not easily forgotten.

Now here I am during July 2021; with my hair long, my endeavors are bold and full of conquest, plus I have many expectations to live up do during this endeavor. I tend to write as much as I can and publish as much content as possible. Reading and researching all types of topics and subjects related to today and yesterday. I plan to present this to you with transparent and professional organization techniques. Through my newest persona; Dr. Digital Philosophy!

Dr. Digital Philosophy Logo during 2021
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021

During this time of year, I am accepting donations that will help me during my journey of providing Dr. Digital Philosophy to everyone, worldwide. We hope to reach out to you and hope our words have helped inspire you. Help us today:

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