A Memory of 1576

Painting with castle and ships during historic times
Sailors and Wives

I always enjoyed this painting. It’s beautiful theme is one to be remembered, where the painting is of a real place or a fictional one doesn’t matter. It reminds me of a place from a story I read. Where ships sailed the sea and castles were so high, they could almost touch the sky. The ships came into port as the smell of fish and salt filled the air throughout the day. So exciting and nostalgic to see and take in, reminding me of such beautiful pictures I’ve seen many times throughout my lifetime.

Imagination has always been a key aspect when it comes to writing or painting a picture. I remember reading books of the scariest things and then remembering it was only fiction but the details so real, it seemed the details were life like. Of course many authors have quite a way of gripping you and drawing you into the story.

Edited photo of a white rose during summer

Take the image above of the rose flower. It’s a real image of course but edited until it becomes something else, something different. A fictional place could be useful with the image of this flower. Wrapped around how this rose had some kind of magic and was forever held high due to it’s chaotic nature.

Of course, this flower above has no such magic unfortunately and it was taken by me during the morning of July, 2021; when I noticed a beautiful day appearing. I ran outside and quickly got a few shots of the roses in my garden. I’m glad I did since the shots of the roses I got were magnificent and a beautiful sight to behold.

Now back to the topic at hand!

The picture at the top was given to me by a friend and she couldn’t believe I even enjoyed such a portrait. “It’s a horrible picture”, she said and wondered why I would want such a thing. A ugly sight i believe she called it but I thought it was magnificent and glorious.

The painting of course was her brothers and we were cleaning out the remains of his place after he passed. He too liked the painting and was also a sailor. Funny that he should have such a painting. I did have the opportunity of meeting him once during a dinner at his sister’s place. He was quite an interesting man it seemed and I could almost see a part of me in this sailor, as was what I was at that time of meeting him. So I didn’t feel bad taking the portrait, since no-one else wanted it and I did meet the guy a couple of times. Now it’s in my living room and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Dr. Digital Philosophy Portraits Image Original Coastal Agency

To me the painting speaks wonders and reminds me of a time when things weren’t as easy as they are now. Not quite as simple either. There wasn’t so much digital equipment and the internet was non existent. But it’s a simple picture and that’s the glory of it.

It could be a painting of anywhere and it would still mean the same to me. A beautiful portrait of a time gone by. A history no more and is no longer the modern day life we see before us.

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