Phases Ending

A New Phase Draws Near

Abstract image of flowers with phases ending and drawing into a new beginning edited
Phases Ending Image Of Flower

It’s July 21st, 2021 during a day before my birthday. Tomorrow will be the day I turn thirty four and with time always bringing another birthday with everyone being a year older and closer to death.

I was born in 1987 and was raised in a small community called Rose Blanche. It’s in Newfoundland and is beautiful with it’s ocean view and scenery beyond compare to anything but marvelous. The image below captures the clear night ocean view with it’s blue texture on a darkened night with a beautiful glow in the sky. It was a small community and today only has a population of around three hundred people. This is the place in which I came from, a small fishing village that gave life to many fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. After shut down of the fishery in Newfoundland people found work away or surviving on what they could to get by. Not having access to a livelihood caused frustration and bitterness for years to come.

Rose Blanche,  Newfoundland and Labrador
Night Scene Of Blue Night Sky

I remember spending many days looking at that scene. The light of the moon shining upon the water and the light from the lighthouse glowing in the background ever so bright. It was magical and bliss to those who lived there and some who still do. Even looking at the image now I can remember the smell of the air during a night like that night. The cool breeze coming off the water during a stary night. Nostalgic mementos that we aquire over our lifetime is priceless in terms of beauty.

My current living situation isn’t much different really. I have a view of the ocean and the sky touches the water upon the horizon. The light shining upon the water in the night. The calm breeze and frogs croaking in the distance is all anyone can ask for this day and age. I am so thankful and happy with my current living conditions where I currently live. Living near the water has always been a luxury I took for granted but now know the price of having such a luxury. Today though, I try not to take anything for granted since everyday is a gift where we discover new things daily. We have no idea what happens next but we can do our part with how we move ahead.

Cartoon image of a tree and forest during a sunny day
July 2021 Edited Original

Turning thirty four feels much like turning thirty three or even turning twenty four. I feel good and feel as if my birthday is just another number or another day, which it is. Another rotation around the sun and on through the passage ahead to a new age.

Moving further towards another day I find contemplating ideas and knowledge obtained to he important. I like to focus on the present, the today with here and now. Its usually all I’ve ever know and for that I’m thankful. Everything we comprehend is currently in the present moment. The present moment is then played out over a time period with reflection of the earth moving around the sun. The present is all we really experience as humans throughout our lives. We can’t move ahead then go back to the past; it’s impossible. We are in a present being and living as is, in the current moment.

So tomorrow like any other day will be my birthday. July 22nd, the last day of Cancer ♋ and moving into Leo. It was close for me when it comes to terms of astrology signs and what sign we are born 7nder with regards to date and time. Unfortunately that is a story for another day and one I’ll soon share.

Moon image edited with red, dark texture
Moon Phase Edited

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Yet it always seems surreal when turning a new age. Just as a new year seems to always illude us when we write in a date during January. We seem to forget it is a new year. Usually mistaking the year for the previous one when writing the date during the first few days of the new year in January. Until we finally come to remember the new year and get use to writing the new year.

I wonder if I’ll be doing that for a while? Writing in 33 instead of 34, mixing it up with what was and what is. It’s easy to do when moving from one era to the next. Time moves so fast that when we start to realize how short it is, it becomes too late.

Today we all live in the digital era; the information age. Yet we still forget simple things and it’s easy to do while trying to remember everything complex. Since out brain is always forgetting information, we still store what our default network mode validates what is important and what isn’t. Memory is not so reliable and that’s why it’s good to record daily blogs or journals; whichever you prefer is up to you. Not everyone likes writing online and sharing with the world. Some people may prefer making videos or doing a podcast. Share your thoughts moving forward and document your time here since you never know how much you have.

Painting of a old fishing village during historical time in the abstract
Painting With Ship

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