The Moon Strikes Arrow

Cancer and Sagittarius Rule
Author and published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Woman encircled by magic purple in this pexel stock photography
Magic Spell Strikes Arrow

Tonight is quite peaceful and full of hope for anyone welling to grab the opportunity. Hope; to carry on to the next day and make it through the tough times. These days we can all use some hope, especially during such dark belligerent times of today. It’s something we can all share through this waxing gibbous where Sagittarius rules until reaching it’s full moon phase.

The moon is in Sagittarius, and glowing ever brighter, during this waxing gibbous. Today everyone is focused on their duties and obligations with great importance. All duties come first during this phase so prepare for obligations. Your responsibilities will be achieved during this phase of the moon lite sky. While the moon climbs towards the full, we can use it’s hidden energy and manifest desires.

Edited image of a moon during the waxing phase
Moon In Sagittarius ♐

The sun still remaining in Cancer has it has been now for a while and during it’s phase will remain for a total of thirty days. Bringing family and loved ones together for feasting and celebration. It’s all part of Cancer’s astrological appearance in the sky during the summer solstice. Now is the time to get together with family, turn on the barbecue and feast at home.

As with all phases, they must come to an end and we are nearing that ending soon as the waxing gibbous fulfills it’s progression. During the last part of the solstice, Cancer will come to an end and we move into another phase. We shall proceed into Leo during this phase. It’s all part of the cycle, the solar system and we see it before us every day. A continuous cycle that has soon the test of time and is our only way for explanation of the moon and stars.

During this journey onward, the power of the cycles turn day to night and night to day. The one side depends upon the other to complete the cycle, yin and yang. As the one goes down another comes out and when that one moves away out of sight, the other appears as if by rule and regulation.

Red sky in the North Pole during a cold summer day

The cycle goes on and it is inevitable. Day and night is reigned for quite some time and we make time for it’s journey into the next phase. As I said before, all cycles come to and end. It is inevitable as it seems impossible but is the only thing that truly has been assured over time. Meanwhile we must remember that all endings (as you heard before) is everything.

It’s always the night that seems to calm us and let us fall into the slumber of sleep. Dreaming, ever so deep in sleep and enjoying it’s comfort, enjoying the peace. Letting the daily pursuits fade into another day that seems less difficult, less relevant than the day before. The new day seems to draw a new beginning for us and allow us to pursue a new opportunity.

White rose blooms during summer bloom

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The beautiful imagery around us is always there during the right time for anyone to observe in nature. The top photo was taken during the morning of July 2021 and edited through editorial applications. While out for my morning stroll I managed to see some beautiful flowers and decided to grab a shot. Original of course, just edited for a cartoon perspective, which I’ve come to enjoy lately. Maybe it’s because of all the new animated shows on TV these days. I’ve always enjoyed shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park. Amazing shows that are genius at times have always been my favorite, since it mocks our social standards and modern day society. The way we go about daily, blind to the destruction that us around us is funny when portrayed as a cartoon show but quite accurate at times.

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