Stranger Skies July Night

Strange Sky Tonight

Abstract Photography of sky at night edited by Dr Digital Philosophy during 2021
Captured July 2021 Newfoundland & Labrador

During my visit to Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador’s South West Coast; I took a few photographs while waiting for my girlfriend. The night’s sky looked extra erie so I decided to capture the moment. It has been something I’ve been doing recently since all this talk of strange things in the sky and people talking about UFO’s.

So as I snapped a few images for online, I noticed a strange photograph that I took earlier and after putting it through a cartoon editor, it seems something strange presented itself. A strange manifestation of something only seen in the photo above. Of course, the photos are put through a editor but what caused the strange details in the above image? Doesn’t it look strange? What appears in the sky above the area which I currently live in?

So while I was dreaming about something like this, I noticed one thing to he true; but the reality is, it just can’t be that way. Each day holds something different I find and that’s what makes life worth living. The unknown of what happens next. It has always amazed me. Images and captures lately have been very interesting that’s for sure. Especially when they are photo shopped and edited through local applications.

I’m now parked, waiting for my friend, while my girlfriend sits in the passenger seat; slowly as time passes by we wait. Quite the night that’s for sure. The night seems to go so fast lately. I didn’t expect to be picking him up but his bike broke down. Always a good feeling to help someone out and especially a good friend. Being stuck isn’t fun at all. Have you ever experienced that moment? The feeling of not being able to move further due to a engine breakdown, or flat tire. It really puts a hold on the day that’s for sure. Not sure if anyone is coming or if you’re even see anyone in the next few hours? It’s devastating and ultimately horrible for anyone experiencing the tragedy. Some people just never have any luck it seems.

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We’ve all experienced it one time or other I’m sure. Being somewhere, in some strange place, with no where to go. Just waiting for someone to help, waiting for somewhere to go or having to walk that long mile to the nearest gas station or house nearby. If anyone will even show up, you wonder?

Now saying that; I can’t for the life of me explain the image above with it’s strange manifestation in the sky through a edited cartoon image. It’s quite strange I must add. And it seems there has been alot of strange things going on lately and it’s all overwhelming don’t you agree? My friends often talk about planes at night and all sorts of strange events taking form. Now I don’t know if they are hearing things or seeing things but one things for sure, there are a lot of things unfolding in the world right now.

Night Sky edited and taken during a clear night
Same Photography of the image above July 18th, 2021

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