The Beacon

A Short Story

Author: Skinner J.Tyler

Candle burning bright while contrasting dark
The Day Beacon Candle Light

Chapter One

It was a Wednesday afternoon around ten fifteen in the morning as Paul overlooked the ocean tide, coming in. Rolling out again as the day began. A new day away from the cries of distant memories and failures. There was no need for that stuff at this moment.

In a small town close to the water, Paul could feel the ocean breeze on the back of his neck as he looked across the water. As he stood on the beach taking in the magnificent view, he realized it was time to head home and get ready for a new day. A new embrace is always needed during such times of remembrance.

Paul was finding it hard to begin with his new career, working at home and taking on a venture unlike anything he done before. It was a difficult path and taking on this endeavor was having it’s strain. Paul reminded himself to remain hopeful and optimistic. Staying positive was necessary but hard during these last few months. Money was tight and he was barely getting by with bills piling up.

Paul was finding it harder and harder as the days went by. His new venture wasn’t making head way. He was stuck for monthly bill payments with the phone ringing constantly with collection agents on the other line. “Sir are you able to make a payment on the overdue balance of three seventy-five, eighty-two?”

It seems pathetic thinking about it now. The fact that even Paul couldn’t come up with that small amount of money when at the time it seemed like so much. That’s the thing about being broke Paul thought, the smallest amount is so much when you don’t have a single cent. It’s funny how life is sometimes, when the smallest amount of currency means everything at the time.

Fictional image of Paul's living room in a cartoon image of Cape Ridge
Home In Cape Ridge

It was the month of July and the day seemed to pass by quickly. The birds chirping in the distance along with the warm sun shining bright on his face. Paul felt so alive on the beach especially during the morning sunrise. He felt like he could really connect with nature and the water, moving in then moving out was magnificent to see. Peaceful and calm.

Paul was a slim guy of about six feet tall and weighed about one hundred and eighty-eight pounds. He was a dark skinned caucasian whose heritage came from England during the war of eighteen-twelve. The South Coast of Newfoundland, in a small town called Cape Ridge was what Paul called home. The population there of about one hundred people or one hundred and ten. It was quite humble, peaceful. They seemed to follow regular routines as Paul did during his morning ritual but was always friendly with a “Hello” or “Good day”.

White flower edited through cartoon image editor by Dr. Digital Philosophy
White Rose In Cape Ridge

As he walked home from the beach he took in the beautiful view of the green trees. The flowers; all decorating his walk home during the morning ritual. Paul knew it was a good day for taking a walk and often enjoyed taking them during the morning as the sun rose in the east. It was usually best when the sun was rising, his favorite time of day.

He smelled the summer air and inhaled deeply as he paced onwards keeping a steady speed. “Almost there”, he said to himself. Paul wasn’t as young as he use to be.

As the birds chirped, Paul made his way into his small, cottage size home. He walked inside to an empty house that was hard to get use to. He was a single man during his last few years. The smell of home is always a good feeling when first walking in the door. Everything in place, as he strolled through the kitchen towards the living room area. Looking around to make sure everything was in it’s proper place. Nothing out of place he noticed walking towards the bedroom. Then he stopped and turned towards the television. Distracted again he thought to himself.

He turned on the television and turned it to the news channel. He didn’t want the music channel he had on previously that day. He liked music most of the time and usually played it through the TV instead of having today’s market stereo system. Paul liked how easy it is to access this content rather than old outdated devices that no longer served a purpose. Outdated and obsolete.

It seemed the same old thing always appeared on the daily news. Budget deficit, government agenda running wild or President Klum. As always, Paul thought, more Klum news. Just what I needed, Paul thought as he struggled. Trying to grasp the remote before it slipped out of his hand. He quickly flicked the television off and went towards the bedroom. “Klum News, all the time!” said Paul; talking to himself out loud.

Abstract image of water bottle edited for The Day Beacon
Paul Walks Towards The Room

He turned on the light and went towards his computer. He turned it on and sat down slowly. Getting comfortable and stretching.

“Darn it”, Paul shouted out loud. He got up from the computer desk and went towards the kitchen. He looked at the time to which he seen eleven thirty-six in the morning. He almost forgot the big appointment. He prepared a coffee and knew the day Beacon was near.

Black and white image of a flower for The Day Beacon
A picture hung on Paul’s wall as long as he could remember

Chapter Two

He went about his day as he usually did. Paul had a morning system that was usually pretty routine. It worked for him and gave him something to look forward to in the morning.

Eleven forty five was on the clock and the time was closer now than ever before. He knew it, they knew it and everything was about to begin. How will this go? Paul thought of many different scenarios where he could make the same move as before and walk away. This time that wouldn’t work though. For him it had to he something improvised and unexpected.

Time to make a coffee Paul thought to himself. Time for a new pot as he poured the remains of the last coffee into the sink. The smell was horrible when left out for too long. He rinsed the pot and cleaned it, putting it back on the coffee machine. All ready to brew a new fresh pot as Paul always enjoyed a fresh pot that he made ready every morning.

He put the water in the coffee machine and added the coffee grinds like usual. Three tablespoons of coffee and two cups of water as usual. The same amounts have always worked Paul thought.

Then as he looked outside into a new day he knew he wasn’t ready. This cover up wouldn’t be enough and he had to be more prepared. For the worst was upon him and no coffee particulars would save him now; not this time .

Fictional image of the backyard in Cape Ridge near Paul's home
Cape Ridge Outside View From Paul’s Window

He looked at the clock without hesitation. It was eleven forty-nine now and the time continued onward into the vial premiere of his fate.

The sound of the coffee pouring and mixing together in the brew was peaceful; calming even. It reminded him of his daily routines from many years before during his time working away from home. Starting off each day with a warm cup of Joe to wake up and take on the new day. Face the outcome of what was yet to come. Would today be the day?

Black and white image of a moonlight sky
Moonlight Sky during the Evening

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