5 Ways To Get Noticed

Ways To Get Noticed and 5 Ways to Do It Today

Author and published by: Dr. Digital Philosophy

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So your out and about, on a date well say. It isn’t going well and then all of a sudden you notice the girl across from you has caught your eye. And you have caught hers. You both smile and lavish in the moment. Smiles and…….WAIT A MINUTE!

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“I’m on a date!”, you slowly start to realize not only is the girl at the other table looking your way, your date has caught you eying another girl. What next?

This is probably not the way you hope to attract attention. But there are five ways to get noticed. And guess what?

I'm going to give you the top five right here, right now! At no charge to you (although we do accept donations and have a Subscription Available)
So here's 5 best ways to get noticed:
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5 Ways to get noticed today
1). Stand out- probably the most obvious one when trying to get noticed. Probably the top one as well since the best way to get noticed is by wearing a unique color. Weat a suit that makes you stick out during any meeting or engagement.

Of course, standing out like a peacock isn't always attractive to the right person. You have to be unique, stand out in a way that is yourself and authentic through you. Then you will attract and get noticed, through your own way.

Wear clothing that suits you and your style. Remember that a nice suit can make a great impression but not while attending a casual event or party. 
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Standing out is the first part of being noticed North Pole 2013
2). Be unique-be different, be up side down instead of right side up. Everyone is different and no one stays the same. We all change and develop over time. That's what makes us unique. Being different isn't so bad. It's what makes us interesting!

When you think of someone, what makes them stand out? Their weirdness of course, their energy and their unique image. Everyone shines through their own way and by being yourself, it causes less stress on you. This is noticed right away, when someone shows different characteristics. We draw in the people we need and want around us. 

Being original and unique is what draws attention today. No-one likes the same old thing always repeated time and time again (or do they?). This tends to leave a wide range of things that is unique and original. Not everyone is the same and that's because no two people in this world are alike. 

3).Be Yourself-you probably hear this one all the time but the best way to get noticed is just by being yourself. Being original and being authentic will attract attention from a close knit bunch; but will be everlasting friends forever.

Surround yourself with people you want to be with and people you enjoy. When you are able to be yourself, it's the happiest you will ever be. Trust me on that! 

Plus wouldn't you feel more comfortable being yourself? There may be many people around you that have the same interest but only you can be you, so why not try out you?

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4). Learn to Play an instrument-another way to attract attention is by playing a musical instrument. Or even singing can draw a quick crowd if you have the talent (which comes from years of practice). But can draw a crowd quite quick if people find you interesting. Most people tend to enjoy hearing songs they’ve already heard so learn a few songs played by artists and musicians available to you. People love seeing someone play an instrument since it brings joy to the moment almost immediately.

You will come to enjoy the art of playing an instrument over time. I find now days, I rather play when I’m alone but what is funny is I wanted to start to get girls to notice me. It worked of course and was very good at drawing people in but during these days, I rather not have so much attention. It all depends on what you want to draw. Maybe it may he something other than a instrument that makes music. Instead you may want to draw a crowd who likes to skateboard or people who are interested in sports rather do that.

Either way, doing some type of hobby or displaying some unique talent, can draw a unique group of like minded people.

Funny how it works isn’t it?

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Guy plays guitar

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5). Be kindlast but not least is the most common one of all and always attracts attention. Common politeness always makes for a good feeling when someone can save the day or bring a tiny bit of kindness to this world. They manifest attention and draw quite the positive community if left alone to socialize with others. Drawing in the positive act that benefits everyone around. The act of being kind is a quote I remember hearing:

“It’s nice to be important but it’s important to he nice”–Unknown (Quoted frequently by an old friend who is dearly missed by many)

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I see why he used this quote often and it’s a great one at that. Wouldn’t you enjoy it if someone treated you a bit better than usual during the day? When I approach any situation these days I ask myself how I can make this meeting positive and pay no attention to negative things, even if it’s from the other person. I think about how I can make the situation better and I try not to focus on them so much, paying no mind to judging the other party. Only judging myself at the worst, allowing me to become better for myself and become better to help those around me.

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