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Dr. Digital Philosophy (Crystal Ball)

Digital Philosophy image of Dr. Digital Philosophy during 2021
Digital Philosophy

Today is July 19th, 2021 and I am proud to announce the beginning of my new endeavor through Digital Philosophy Online and Coastal Agency(No Longer Available); I am proud to present “Digital Philosophy“! A brand new online series that takes you through a series of events available now and currently on our 5th season with episodes added weekly. Follow Digital Philosophy for more updates and promotions.

Self image of Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021
Dr Digital Philosophy Selfie 2021

One thing is certain during these uncertain times; what happens next will be a mystery. Prior to this endeavor with Project 2102 I often asked myself; “What experiment is currently taking place?” What is project 2102? If you don’t know then you can follow us and find out more. PROJECT 2120 is just beginning…..

Dr. Digital Philosophy Logo during 2021
Digital Philosophy

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Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022 Original

Through dedication and hard work, we will be bringing updates, new videos and more during the endeavors onward. Thanks for watching and we hope you enjoyed reading. Leave feedback or comments to help us improve our website and Dr. Digital Philosophy brand.

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