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July’s Mysterious Scorpio ♏

Night View of Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador
Port-Aux-Basques,Newfoundland & Labrador

Here it is; the last part of July 18th, 2021. Another day is over and the night is rolling into July 19th, 2021. It seems time can go so fast and I can barely keep up with what day it is. (Monday or Tuesday? Oh wait… it’s Thursday!) The days continue onward into the abyss we call time.

I been busy with this Dr. Digital Philosophy, starting my own business and the latest youtube channel called Digital Philosophy. Where being busy tends to do that while also causing me to become fatigued. Writing and proposing all kinds of literature and ideas. It’s been great this far and I’ve come to enjoy writing, blogging and taking pictures. It’s been spectacular even! I’ve enjoyed blogging and writing all sorts of material, referencing information I accumulated over the years. The content I provide is genuine as well, so stay posted for updates.

Abstract image of the moon through cartoon edited red dark colors by Dr. Digital Philosophy
The Moon July 18th,2021 Original Photography

I decided tonight as Dr. Digital Philosophy, I would get a few shots of the moon. It was very different tonight though and even though it’s half a crescent, looks like a full moon in the image above. Our perspective of things can be often off most times due to our brains cognitive aspect. Along with digital technology we are able to view images in higher quality today as well. It all adds up really, when you think about it.

Black and white image of a picnic table during dark night
Black and White Image Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada July 2021

I even got a chance to get some great pictures today outside. The rose garden gives me the chance to get so many magnificent views of it’s new roses. They are quite the beauty if I must say so myself. They come out every year during the summer, with the fine view of rose red ones right next to these white roses. It has been something I’ve looked forward to seeing every year. Roses are beautiful after all, in my opinion that is.

Edited Image of White Roses July
18th, 2021 Original Photography

As music plays in the background, the night is one to behold. The moon is high in the sky and shining quite bright tonight. Not a cloud in the sky or a star for that matter. Such a ghastly night during this night of all nights. With the moon in this phase, all emotions are raw and ready to explode at any time. It is the phases of the moon that cause us to shift and move about, going from one phase to the next.

So as I sit here writing and researching all kinds of topics available online and throughout old books. Most of them are scattered throughout the house. It’s something I tend to do alot actually. Think and wonder. While wondering about all kinds of things presented and offered online and offline today has become varied extravagantly. Through articles and books I love to read new articles and topics of all categories. Finding old books from my parents and from my grandparents are my favorite ways of discovery still.

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Pink rose during summer phase while the moon reigns in Scorpio
Pink Rose 2021

Documentaries have always been a interest as well, since it offers so much insight into any presented topic. Since Fahrenheit 911 I have come to love the value of information and showmanship during documentaries. The nature in the North to migration of whales over time; I enjoy all sorts of documentaries available. I find Netflix offers some of the best documentaries available today. As well as YouTube with it’s updated material and originality. It’s always a treat to watch something on the media outlet.

Edited Image Pine Tree

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