The Moon And All It’s Power

The Moon Magic Night

By: Dr. Digital Philosophy

My Home Office Coastal Agency by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Morning Rise

Such a day, with so much potential and opportunity just waiting for us. Of course, opportunity is everywhere these days and will soon be a memory of the past. Looking for solutions to problems today has become no more complex than they were years ago. They are only difficult, as it was before, with new technology and a different understanding. Plus with developing tools that help us move through life easier, we often move faster and forget to slow down and look around. The techniques of innovation, making it easier for us and without much effort; making our lives easier and less strenuous. Tools allow us to complete tasks without using much effort or even thinking about the process itself, for example a calculator can do large equations rather quickly. The value of man made tools today is priceless to the man who uses them day in and day out; ladies included of course. They are manifested to improve our lives and make life easier, but what happens when we miss it from going day in and day out; around in a viscous cycle and never slowing down.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Remix July 2021
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021

Nature has a way of working itself out in the end and is the creator and the destroyer of worlds. With oceans rising due to the moons void of course; affecting everyone in it’s current events, using the power of force to pull and push the tides themselves. The moon can have such a powerful influence during each night it descends over us and can cause extreme temperament during the full moon phase. Even the ocean has been observed to become affected by it’s energy. Given we are 70% water and made up of it’s very essence is proof of it’s drawing energy or power. So if the moon does affect the water (and in modern science it certainly seems like it do) it’s almost certain it has an affect on us as well, causing a push and pull effect like the wind blowing a flower or a plant.

Dr. Digital believes such energy of luminous light would have some influence of course. How can it not have any affect? How can something so powerful and as bright as the moon not have an affect on the human psyche? It’s energy can be noticed by many who take the time to experience the moons rays during a full moon or even it’s phases. The moon’s phases can be used to determine whether it is a good time to plant new seeds, when they should be transplanted for proper root development and so on. Even the feeling is one of peace and contentment, is what I feel when I look at the moon.

Moon image edited and designed by Dr. Digital Philosophy 2022

Since we are made up of water and around 70% water is what makes up our physical body; it is believed by many that the moon’s effects can even be felt by us, human beings during different stages of earth’s alignment with the moon, in conjunction with the sun. During the moon’s phases we do seem to experience a sort of effect from it’s rays. It’s light may seem non-existent at times but during a full moon, it can brighten the sky in such a beautiful way, the dark glaze over the lightened sky can be a beautiful sight. Remember those nights when you were young, out and about during a moon lit night sky and everything was bright, beautiful and magical. It was almost as if you could feel the magical force in the air, even if we couldn’t see it; somehow we know it’s there. This essence is that of the moon and it’s light.

Rose Blanche Newfoundland Night Original by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Rose Blanche, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

I’ll never forget the scene from the picture above. The nights sky lit up with it’s glorious light. Glistening across the water, in the harbour and shining ever so bright. A true beauty of a night to behold. It’s one I tend to miss from day to day but I have a new view now; much like how life is, I look at things much differently than I did back then; never forgetting what it was like to experience the glory of a beautiful sight. I often feel the lesson here is learning to love and exist in the moment, truly appreciate where we are now; not where we are going to go.

Never forget where you came from“!

It was a line given by our gym teacher during my 2005 graduation speech. I remember being younger and having her as a gym teacher, during kindergarten. It was fun and exciting since she was a very enthusiastic individual. It was so fun and energetic but those days are long gone.

“Never forget where you come from”, was such a true sentence ever spoken and it meant so much coming from her. We all move on over time; growing and learning; developing into something else over time and space. Changing even without realizing it most of the time, it is a part of our growing process and helps us become who we truly are.

I can remember being at my grandparents and enjoying a warm hot chocolate with home made bread and cheese. It was a memory I often enjoyed and moss those days, since I spent a lot of time with them when I was younger. Looking out at that sight was always breath taking, with the moonlight lighting up sky during a warm summers night. Maybe sometimes we take it for granted, as one can expect; since growing is a process. It is of course the memories, that will always be there until we forget them anyway. The scene is still breath taking and a sight to behold and that will never change in my mind.

Flower Purple Roses original photograph
Rose Flower July 2021 Original

The beautiful imagery of summer is beyond words at times. Just taking in it’s glorious colors is peaceful and calming. I have come to like the color pink and purple, finding the glow of their colors illuminating and ever so beautiful. So bright and yet it’s contrast speaks volumes for these colors are bright and quite attractive to the eye.

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White Rose Bush original photograph by Dr. Digital Philosophy

Besides the essence of the moon, there is the sun that shines brightly and warms the vitality of the soul. Another powerful star giving us light everyday. It’s solar essence having an effect on us much like the moon. It’s light so bright it gives way to a day, or half of a day anyway. But what if we didn’t have the sun? What then? Would we ride into darkness and despair, never knowing the truth due to the darkness and void.

We embrace the day as the sun shines on us. Giving way to many events and activities. Glory in remembering pass days and memories of passed love ones. If it could be as good as it once was. Ah, the days gone by. Where we once were, once lived and once came from.

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