Dr. Digital Poem Aspect

Dr. Digital Poem Aspect

Guy standing in the middle of the road under a overpass with blue sky
Woman Standing with Eyes Shut

The Beginning (Pilot)

“Midnight turns pass twelve headed into one, during morning sunrise; beginnings end”;

“The morning dew weeps it’s way down the leaves, blended cameo; intertwined with tree branches, green colors brighten the day’s glory”.

“Slightly bothered with pedestrian motives, the soft blowing wind through the air creates a comfort within; while maintaining exotic mood”;

“Turning hour, turning minutes by the seconds, during which time fails to move, standing still it seems, if not for the sun and moon; light and standing still”;

Pink rose during summer blossomed 2021
Glitched Image Phase Ending

"Capture of the moment intertwined, twisted: as moonlight shadows; eclipse";

"Smoke fills the air, while a fog horn roars in the background; giving way to ships nearby, fair warning it cries";

"A night reins during memory, abstract photo-centric persuade; as the dark night rendering black, silence lifts itself into the dark presence, shadows lingerie".

The Body of the Letter

"Cascade the water, glisten sky from the morning light shines brighter upon the ocean; when we could remember our lives not so long before the current moment,present to us, now";

"Time, wanders on as the actions form a future, yet to be untold but everlasting; the sun, rises again; without hesitation, without judgement; beacons in the east during rise, reincarnated".

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White Rose bush blossoms during summer time
July 2021

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