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Today is unlike any other day. Today, we have conjured up and manifested a new path. A path that leads us to unknown areas that is yet to be explored and understood. We take the next step and sometimes we aren’t sure how things will go but we go doqn the path either way, continuing onward. Moving forward is all part of daily life and it is what makes up our very essence. I recommend taking a deep breath, relax and start clearing your mind. We can give you some daily insight today that will help you on your path ahead.

What causes us to move forward? What allows us to overcome these obstacles and move ahead? Even when times seem the hardest or at the worst, we still move ahead. But why?

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Consider the time it is, the time we leave in and growing over that period of time, learning and understanding, is all a part of life. It’s a part of living and developing over time. Learning through it all and developing as an individual, as well as a whole. All of our lives are precious, in our own right and we all have the right to thrive. It’s the one true gift we all share; living and learning how to grow and become more, do more and grow more; as a person. We develop traits and tendency to survive and move ahead no matter how difficult the path may be, or how long it is.

White Cartoon Rose during summertime blossom
White Rose July 2021

The white rose is so beautiful and magnificent. It is a flower I’ve become obsessed with during the last few years. This picture above was edited through a cartoon editor but is original. I got the chance to take the picture early one morning as the sun was rising. The manifestation of the new day was beginning and the flower drew in the sun’s glory. With its light fulfilling a nurturing glow that shines down towards the rose, it was a moment captured by the perfect morning.

Summer……..😊… isn’t it wonderful?

Fictional image if the forest scenery during summer edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy
Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Maybe it’s the cartoon like editing that draws one in to the image above. A tree in the corner of the world, that holds such wonder and serves it’s purpose. We sometimes take nature for granted but it’s beauty and glamor is breathtaking when looked at in a new light. Colors twirl in the sky, on a spectrum level only seen by looking closely and observing it’s beauty. Darken center of the tree holds mystery as the sky opens it’s purple texture under the blue sky.

Reading has always been an interest of mine. It’s interesting how we all look at images or even literature in different perspectives, different views. We all see things differently. And that’s okay of course since no two people are alike. But what can we learn from this? What does this tell us?

The magician tarot card from rider waite tarot deck edited by Dr Digital Philosophy
Tarot Card I of the Major Arcana; The Magician

We can all learn something from someone! Weather it’s a good lesson from a Harvard Law Professor or a bad situation. A situation we all get into throughout our lives; yet we learn from it. We grow! As people and as individuals. Everyone, everywhere has something they can teach us. We are all different and not one of us, is like the other.

Rictiinal cartoon image of forest edited through a red texture color edited and glitched
Red Tree Scene Editor

The Magician card shows a man who has all four objects of each minor arcana which are the cup, the wand, the sword and the pentacle. He is seen holding a candle that burns at both ends but the candle is burning on the top representative of the subconscious or divine. While the bottom is a representation of earth, the burning of the candle pointing towards the ground below. This represents manifestation, that allows each and everyone of us the ability to turn our thoughts and wants into everyday concepts.

We all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”; stating your health and well being is influenced by how we eat. Just as how we envision our desires, we conjure and manifest our daily lives. Doing what we must do to survive each day and doing things we enjoy, make up our daily lifestyle. We manifest our thoughts into reality, weather we choose to or not. This is what the Magician represents in the Tarot Cards.

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Background for cover image of stripes

Manifestation Glory

Wordpress stock image of Magician using magic from Pexels

We all have the ability to manifest our desires and needs. Usually, we tend to receive that which we need more than anything. As Mick Jagger said “You can’t always get what you want; bit you get what you need!” This is true as over my life time I’ve come to find that which is needed comes first before that which is wanted.

Saying that; if you really want something, go for it. Reach out and grab it! The truth is if you really want something and work hard enough (proving to the universe your worthy of such a gift), you will receive it. This comes with dedication and hard work of course.

Keep moving forward and giving it your all. Of course, taking breaks and time for yourself is important as well so; “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

Trusted Blogger image from Dr. Digital Philosophy
Skinner J.Tyler is a trusted blogger

Updated: March 26th, 2022 for added information and inspiring articles during blog update.

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