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Worthy of Acceptance

Author & Published by: Skinner J.Tyler

Glitched image of a punk rose blossoming during summer 2021

I usually wake up in the evenings, rather then waking up during the day or during the morning, when the sun peaks over the hills. But this morning is different.

Like every other day, something is peculiar about this day. Something in the air maybe? I’ve never been a mornings person but during the past year, being on my own schedule; I’ve come to enjoy waking up during the evening dusk and seeing the sun fall into the western sky as the moon takes it’s place. While the sun goes down and the moon shines ever so bright across the country side woods. Waking up to the dusk is quite a sight to see and especially one to be waking up to. If you have never done it in your life, I suggest trying it out.

At first, it may seem weird; waking up and the sun going down. But think of it as if you are waking up but there is not 24 hour clock! Did I freak you out yet?

When I first moved to this area, I didn’t expect to be here for long. Probably move into an apartment in town or who knows; move to the city again. It was so different at that time and I didn’t quite have the reputation then. But that all changed very fast and very quickly after seeing the landscape and beauty of the area. I became so interested in the community and how a beautiful view was calling out to me, I decided to stick around.

I definitely made the right choice staying here. It’s peaceful, quiet and the sound of birds chirping during the morning while a breeze blows through the air is bliss. I think about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful home and place to live in. The green grass shines today as the sun makes it’s way through the fog and over the hills. It is peaceful and a sight to behold, that’s for sure. I love this area and it’s country side glory. I’m lucky to have such a place since not all of us can be so fortunate.

White rose bush tree in original photograph

I got a chance to take a photo of the rose bush in my yard. Every year, at the beginning of summer; she starts to bud allowing these beautiful white roses to appear that is a sight of solitude and comfort. For me, I’ve grown use to it’s glorious appearance every year. One of the simple things I have come to enjoy about this place.

The smell of the air that blows ever so gently and it’s bliss is to feel it’s coolness on such a hot day. The beauty of it all developing right in front of me is astonishing. Birds sing in glory for the magnificent day. It is one to behold that’s for certain. Singing of the birds, along with the wind blowing almost reminds me off my mediation music that brings comfort while maintaining a meditation technique.

So back then I made a choice that I wasn’t sure would benefit me in the long run or just wear me down. Now I am glad I was able to make such a choice and learn later, that it is the right choice. I could never live in a city with all the noise and people, crowidng around daily with the same routine. I’m a country boy all the way!

Can you blame me? Just look at the view here!

Tree branch shades the scenery photograph of the lake and trees
View Of Country Side 2021

The view across the country is probably what caused my indulgence to stay here and make a home for myself. The bright blue sky and singing birds was enough to capture the essence. Even today the glory of it’s beauty intrigues me. I am quite fortunate to have such a wonderful place. Lucky to wander upon this dream home when I had the chance. It’s comfortable here.

Blue sky with tree in the foreground
View of Sky and tree 2021

"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light if the world; he that folleweth in me shall not wal in darkness again, but shall have the light if life."- John 8:12

Wherl of fortune tarot card from the rider waite tarot deck
Updated Photography 2021 Riders Deck

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Such a beautiful quote for today’s reading, I thought i would share it. And it being such a glorious day, it’s reference is always refreshing during these days of unknown. So go out and have fun. Enjoy the sun and enjoy the summer. If your looking for a Bible to study the verses then look no further. Check out bibles and other affiliated services here.

There’s so much to do during the summer. We can soon go back to living a regular life again ot can we? Do we still need the masks?

Tarot spread during April 2022 edited by Dr. Digital Philosophy

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