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White Rose Original Images Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021

During events in my life and through many times before I have worked with many interesting people. Some people come and some people go but they move from place to place, in their own little world. A world they are use to and make them who they are as a person. People are what makes this life an interesting one, since no two people are alike and everyone is different. This means that everyone is made up of different opinions, thoughts and personalities; which in contrast makes them who they are and I’ve met quite a few people throughout my short time on this place called earth.

There where scientists, sailors, salesmen, rock stars, legends and many more I seen throughout my life. They have all played a important role during my career and adventure over this globe, going around and around; then back again. We go through life sometimes without realizing that we are actually on the world stage with fascinating people who have a lot to teach us (Even a Doctor can learn more during their practice) and we have a choice of listening, learning and understanding or we can learn it the hard way. Many people choose the easy way in many areas of learning but some take the hard way; learning for themselves based on an assumption that someone else (or the other person portraying the message) was wrong.

Self image of Dr. Digital Philosophy using Digital art for media

I remember all the opportunities that I had been presented with during my lifetime. Reading books and enjoying articles daily, only to read more into the topic being presented and digging around to find out more information. The references are always important to topics being presented; as it shows what the author or artist is influenced by and what topics are categorized through such reference material. Giving us a broad understanding of information being presented within a story or context heard from the story being presented.

While reading a certain fantasy novel that is currently still under development and long overdue, I had debated such topics presented and offered a point-of-view on how that timeliness would turn out in the final novel. Predictions cannot be accurately predicted if the past is not contemplated by the person predicting the final outcome. It is inevitable since someone must has some understanding of where we come from, before they can see where we are headed (as a species of humanity) overall.

Little did I know that the topic being discussed in the novel was based upon a real event that unfolded within our history. If course, I then had to go back and research what the topic or historical background was about. This led me to a whole new outlook on everything presented through video, literature and historical documentary about specific events throughout our time and the effects it brought with it. This is why it is important to find quality content and information that is valid and related to the topic you are looking into, whether it’s a historical event or a scientific equation; the information must be honest and reliable during the discussion of the topic at hand or else it isn’t useful to the question.

This is where ethics come into play as well and makes up a large part of our modern day world. It is essential to have a ethical approach when asking questions to gather the right information. This is what brought me here I guess, creating Dr. Digital Philosophy and searching for answers.

I now read, study and interpret many different types of history. Looking at it now through different perspectives as well as my own, to get a understanding of what happened and why? Of course, given this opportunity has been spectacular and I can’t begin to tell you about everything I have seen, read and used in relation to something else. I do not believe in coincidence and have come to notice trends in machinery, people and the world itself. I will provide you with the means to get the necessary information towards understanding my organization called Dr. Digital Philosophy.

The topics being presented and what is important should be blogged about if you have insight to the information others find important and necessary for research. Today it seems blogging is not that new and upcoming but rather scarce and becoming obsolete with tiktok, YouTube and other social media applications gripping many today. Thos is of course due to the fact, that many people do not read or write. Many would much rather watch television, go on-line and watch media in all aspects of entertainment. I don’t know anyone who I can say that I know who actually blog. Along with that I recently found it useful only when I started my journey with transparency and honesty. Two factors that are important in blogging and writing.

  • Writing–> when blogging, grammar and spelling should be up to par but common abbreviations are acceptable for blogging. This is something I didn’t know when I first started and it helped me create more blogs and better quality articles online.
  • Blogging–> when blogging I try to treat it like a article that provides a look back on where I was when I first wrote the article and how it helped me get to where I am now. Currently at a total of 266 blogs, I find myself searching for more ways of achieving great blog posts; that not only helps me but also helps others looking for information regarding blogging, writing or even capturing a image. It is all related to the main topic.

Digital Technique Logo 2021-2022 Dr. Digital Philosophy
Dr. Digital Philosophy Techniques and Redesign 2021

This has been quite the journey and along the way I’ve come to find many areas of technology and knowledge that was hidden, yet in plain sight. Overlooked and mocked everywhere, as we all play a part in the current game at hand; being played by some strange entities who control our final outcome in this simulation called life.

Singing songs regarding the mad illusion that is wrapped up in our heads as the “Hotel California”, where we all share this madness. And yet we carry on and dance to the tune of the piper, playing the song that keeps us all aligned and under control. As we laugh and participate in this ritual, we seal our fate for the everlasting outcome of reality and it’s demented state.

After all, it is our very hell and we live it. Writing is a way to release the thoughts and ideas of our daily lives. You wouldn’t believe what some people may be into and how many people like the same, twisted, chaotic topic at hand. For me, it is the philosophy of life and how we study things around us. That is why I decided to call this webpage: Dr. Digital Philosophy.

Dr Digital Philosophy Logo Updated 2021-2022 for Blog Entry

But as I said before, the experiment is still underway and during this simulation, everything is able to happen and manifest through chaos. Entropy and acceleration are inevitable as new events unfold and transpire during this new digital project. We have added many new features to Dr. Digital Philosophy and the journey forward with our newest addition into Digital Philosophy; a online web series available through YouTube: where new videos, creative content and new features are uploaded frequently. Digital Philosophy is a branch off Dr. Digital Philosophy but offers new videos and another side to this great webpage that will bring new features, new images and new content available for anyone interested in new aspects of modern society. Using New Age Spiritual Development and other techniques, the organization is here to help people understand and see that we are all in this together.

Dr. Digital Philosophy Original Edited Image 2021-2022
Dr. Digital Philosophy

There’s always a brief moment of realistic value where we see things as they are. The good in everything and yet the horrors that sometimes present themselves over time, such as World Wars, famine, slavery; can all be without since this type of horror and abuse isn’t good for anyone other than the person calling the orders and causing the destruction.

But isn’t that a part of life? Seeing the good is sometimes brought out by the bad things we experience. It is said that humans are far more likely to remember a bad memory much better, vividly and stored away within our subconscious is a negative thought that holds more value than something positive. It is a part of survival and through DNA, has been passed down by our ancestors in order to survive throughout our lives and over the years. It helps us remember something that doesn’t necessarily help us or may threaten our own life; as well as being dangerous. This type of memory will less likely cause us to make the same mistake again. This is part of the process and it’s all a part of life for our daily survival.

The sound of the ocean on the distance roars of such a clear night. Not a cloud in the sky. Not even a breeze tonight which makes for a warm, beautiful night that I often enjoy when it is warm, clear and nice outside. The weather plays quite a role onnour wellbeing too. The sound of the tide from the ocean is calming and relaxes me as it comes in and rolls back out, away and then in again. It reminds me of when I was younger and would experience the joys of summer break, without the need to get up for school every morning. It was always the best time of year and I enjoyed it every time.

Ship sails on the ocean  as the water touches the sky during a nice summer day
Newfoundland & Labrador 2021

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I find images help with explaining how one sees in comparison with another’s perspective. We all see things differently, from all perspectives and contrast. There’s another word; contrast. I find using words for explanation is what makes writing worth the story being portrayed and although, not for everyone. It is something I have come to enjoy during the last few years of my life.

Details are always important. Especially when explaining something or someone to another individual. It helps give the other person an idea of what you are talking about or trying to explain; details. As the saying goes, “The Devil Is In The Details”.

Since we all have our own thought process, explaining with detail is very important. Misconception can arise quickly if not understood and causes confusion or misinformation that has no value or purpose but only causes catastrophe. But if we come together and understand each other, then we can move forward and progress with accuracy, determination and precision.

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