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Allister Crowley & Other Dark Practices Re-Blogged

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Numbers And The Beast

Tonight, I bring up a strange individual who has been brought up many times. He wasn’t only eccentric but left quite the stain on this world before he left this mortal realm. Living in filth and disrespect for the scared world. His practices often quite shunned, even today! Quite the eccentric man of his time and left many in wonder for many years that followed.

He practiced black magic and made a mockery of scared writings passed down by groups of orders; in which they held scared and holy. He went on later to make his own order but was quite different than most it seemed. Drinking blood and dark rituals was only the beginning of this madness. He was dark, twisted and Ozzy Osborne has a song to his tribute; about such individual who practiced strange mythical rituals. Can you guess who it is? Can you guess who created all this madness?

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Allister Crowley, a strange individual involved in all sorts of strange manifestation. Through dark occult events he was known as a man who was highly educated but through his own experience with knowledge, went on to disrespect the holy scripture. Laying blasphemy and black magic upon sacred scripture and holy words in satanic rituals of dark magic of the occult. Of course, Crowley did grow up in a world where religious beliefs were informed upon him, causing him to go extremely in the opposite direction but lay down a path that led him towards a hell of no return.

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The way we experience our childhood can manifest into adulthood, into quite an odd way at times. The extreme of one degree to another can cause great harm at times when one pushes the degree too far to the extreme of it’s opposite. Aristotle was quite the visionary when he taught us through his 12 virtues, that practice of one extreme without the other can be dangerous and sometimes self destructive. If we take a course too far to an extreme, we lose sight of what’s important and twist such acts into madness; given how far one may go. Too much of anything can he accounted for with this regard as indulgence isn’t good for anybody.

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So who was he? What did this man leave behind during his time on this earth? A strange eccentric, he was incumbent by darkness. His number of course was left behind within this era and is such an old number. A number most of us dare not speak. It is a human number of course but the number has always represented Crowley and the occult today.

The number has been around for quite some time now and has been written many times. It’s a number flashed by celebrities and cast upon the world as the “mark”. Those who know it, dare not speak it. For it is a human number and it states the mark of the beast! But it is Crowley’s number and it is inevitable to remain on this earth.

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Unfortunately, for Crowley; later in those last years there was talk of his strange, dark manifestations of occult rituals. A girl escaping from the horrors went to tell all about this strange place and it’s practices therefore giving way to Benito Mussolini going forth to the dark twisted pits of Mr. Crowley’s pit and ordering him out of Italy. Driving him away from the filth and unholy creation he manifested during his time in his home in Italy.

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Note added: during this article I did a tarot reading and upturned the Hermit. It’s a card I can associate with but one that is unique during a reading. I find tarot readings quite interesting during these times. Cardomancy is another new interest if mind as well. It uses regular cards but it’s possible to read them like tarot cards.

Updated: August 4th, 2021: Today I’ve published a few online articles including informative articles that give great insight and advice on topics being discussed. Today’s online world has so much information available; we almost have to determine what’s credible and what’s no good or just false. People like to research material through many areas, like books, online publications and blogs like this one.

Since blogging, I’ve learned alot as well, about myself and my co-bloggers out there. The lesson learned is anyone has the potential to write information today and if you hone your writing skills, fix your grammar skills and use spell check; you can write a blog that helps others understand certian topics or subjects related to their search.

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Updates: During my endeavors in October, I’ve had so much change in the blink of an eye. (In a New York Minute, anything can change– Eagles) Since this year is the year of so much change and learning from each other online, digitized or digitally. We also learn offline, from friends and family whether we realize it or not.

I’ve recently purchased products from that has helped me on my quest of knowledge and finding out hidden knowledge, that is all around us and easy to see if you look around more. Recently, I’ve read a book named “Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom” by Rachel Pollack. I highly recommend it and find it’s insight well written and detailed. The presentation of the material is authentic and will researched. You can purchase this product at and get it shipped in no time at all.

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The Hermit Tarot Card 2021 Rider Waite Deck

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While purchase of a Rider Tarot Deck, I’ve been reading into many insightful books that explain the tarot cards and what their images, numbers and colors describe upon reading the cards and their layouts. I’ve yet to discover the full potential of the cards but find it’s insight reliable and quite helpful, when it comes to self assurance or reassuring of particular matters.

Tarot cards are just a reflection of everyday life and how the images affect you, predicting your reading or spread upon observation and understanding of what each card means in your everyday life. Where the card is, and what the card is in conjunction with, means everything when laying down a spread or another card. It always holds reference to the spread or reading and is important to what it means. I find reading different articles and books helpful, as well as downloading the latest apps on my phones that allow me to figure out what each spread, reading or card represents.

Remember to research this information for yourself and don’t rely on our word. Although our latest updates are genuine and original content, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek other opinions when researching material or content regarding history and the world views today. Be open to all forms of information and insight, to find out the real idea you believed. During the end of our articles we place our updated Privacy Policy for information about developments and what we do here at Dr. Digital Philosophy. Although we promote we do offer many free online features that are available today and updated regularly.

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